Vietnamese recognized strongest earthquake in 60 years

Vietnamese recognized strongest earthquake in 60 years, Natural disasters

The Vietnam Quang Nam, where hydroelectric Tranh Song-2, there was an earthquake, the most powerful recognized since 1957. Propulsion of the earthquake was 4.6 on the Richter scale, the depth of the epicenter in the area of Bac Tra-May was 7 km.

Despite the fact that the main activity lasted about three seconds, the residents of the province experienced strong ground vibration and heard loud noises and crackling like explosions. The epicenter was in panic, people with fear ran outside. It is reported that the earthquake did not bring much damage: some houses cracked walls, damaged the interior of homes and offices.

Seismic activity was felt in neighboring Bac Tra Mai areas. Specialists note that in recent months the nature of seismic events in the province changed upward, with the accelerator installed in the dam during this period has been more than 20 earthquakes. In the future, to improve the control over the situation will install four monitoring stations.

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