Vikramaditya successfully completed the running production tests and has a top speed of 32 knots!

Indian newspaper "The Hindu" in the article Vinay Kumar "INS Vikramaditya sea trials successful" in its issue of July 29, 2013 reports that the passing of the White Sea retesting rebuilt aircraft carrier for India Vikramaditya (the former Soviet heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Gorshkov ") has successfully completed the factory running tests, developing with a maximum speed of 32 knots. Now the ship will proceed to step test aircraft system in the Barents Sea.

Vikramaditya re-entered the factory testing of Severodvinsk on July 3. Flight tests with aircraft carrier-based aircraft are scheduled to be launched on the ship on August 3.

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Vikramaditya in factory running test (s) M.Gotovchitz /

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