Vilkul: Volume repair engines at Ukrainian enterprises

increased by 1.7 times

"Ukraine is one of the seven countries in the world that designs and manufactures aircraft equipment for passenger and freight traffic. Ukraine as an important component of the country’s aviation is the development of high tech and high-tech industries, in particular, aircraft repair area. From 2010 to 2013 1.7 fold increased volume of work to repair engines at Ukrainian enterprises (with 200 mln. to more than 350 mln.). In 2013, this amount is projected to increase by another 1.3 times, "- said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vilkul in his opening speech to the workers of the plant.


Foreign companies emphasize the high level of Ukrainian aircraft builders and prefer to carry out repairs in Ukraine. Most civil aircraft and military transport aviation in Ukraine is restored and modernized in Plant 410 GA.
Vice Prime Minister opened a new hangar Factory 410 GA. The hangar is equipped with modern facilities and is designed to remove with the help of latest technology of coatings from aircraft which are repairable.
In the hangar installed new equipment for the application of clean wash and modern ventilation equipment. Also, to ensure the safety of people in the process of washing off the paint, were purchased by the modern means of protection — goggles, respirators, filters, protective overalls.
"The government supports the development of the domestic aviation industry.
State program of development of the revitalization of the economy provides for the implementation of four projects aimed at modernizing the industry. In particular, the planned modernization of production equipment at the state enterprise "Antonov" for the construction of AN-148, AN-158, the development and commercial production of two light helicopters at "Motor-Sich", as well as the establishment of mass production turbojet engine AI-28 in Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau "Progress".
Alexander Vilkul congratulated the workers of the factory on the 65th anniversary of the company and gave the Cabinet Thanks to the best workers of the plant on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the company.
"Aircraft industry is a real pride for our country. I want to thank the workers at 410 CA for the fact that they were able to not only maintain the achievements that our country has inherited from the Soviet Union, but also implement their own development and to adopt new technologies," — said the Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, Mikhail Korolenko.
Also, in a solemn ceremony attended by the President of JSC "Motor Sich", People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine Vyacheslav Boguslaev and CEO of Factory 410 CA Sergei PODREZOV.
The State Enterprise "Plant 410 GA" is one of the leading aviation companies, which on the basis of license agreements provides high-quality repair and modernization of aircraft and engines. In the entire history of the plant repaired more than 40,000 engines and 6,000 aircraft. Now SOE "Plant 410 GA" provides a wide range of repair, modernization and reconstruction of aircraft grade "Antonov", including the AN-24, AN-26, AN-30, AN-32, AN-72, AN-74 .
Inf. the press service of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.

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