Vintage 2012 Kuban sow their sugar-coated sugar beet seeds

CJSC "Schyolkovo Agrokhim" started construction of a plant for the production of sugar-coated sugar beet seeds in the village Platnirovskoy Korenovsk area.


The cost of the project — 650 million rubles. The first symbolic foundation stone of the new plant laid on June 9.
It is planned that the power plant will be planted 400,000 units per year.
This is enough to sow 350,000 hectares of sugar beet — the need for 5-6 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Thanks on behalf of all the villagers expressed by the head-platnirovtsev Korenovsky district Vladimir mine: "This is a great event for our district, province and across the country. It is planned economic zone, and the plant — the first step in the implementation of these plans. It is necessary to explore the area, to sum up here, electricity, water, railway … "

It is Russia’s second project of this level of enterprise that builds JSC "Schyolkovo Agrokhim."
First — in the Voronezh region, was built in 11 months., In March of this year produced its first product in the first stage of production.

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