Vivadom celebrates its birthday

Engineering and construction company "Vivadom" engaged in interior design, design, and construction of houses and repair of apartments in Moscow and Moscow region, from 1 February to 31 May 2013 holds the action "Birthday" dedicated to the birthday of the company.  The action involves a significant discount to design a country house, reaching 30% of the cost of individual design house.
The company "Vivadom" is well known in the construction market of Moscow from 6.03 in 2006. It provides a full range of design and construction of country houses of any complexity.
The company "Vivadom" became known for honesty, integrity and quality of work done. At the head of the company are professionals with extensive experience in the construction and reconstruction of various objects such as Lefortovo Tunnel, Theatre Square and Manezh, the third ring road, and more.
"Vivadom" creates unique designs of country cottages, as well as uses in his work projects the largest construction companies in Russia and Europe.
Without prior planning can not proceed with the construction of a house or cottage. Make up such a project only by true professionals, because only they will be able to provide for all future residents and help to avoid many troubles such as cracks in walls or flooding of the basement and underground parking garage. That is why the usual rates for the projects are high. The ongoing campaign by "Birthday" will be a pleasant surprise for the customers of the company and will receive a significant discount on the cost of the project.
"Services provided by the company" Vivadom ", is very broad. They include interior design, design houses, construction of houses of different materials, the construction of frame houses, as well as carrying out engineering and decorating. Among closely related to each client. All work carried out are of high quality, which enables the firm to provide warranty on all work carried out for a period of 3 years ", — said CEO Vadim Kozlov.
Information about the company:
Engineering and construction company "Vivadom" is engaged in interior design, design and construction of buildings and the renovation of apartments in Moscow and Moscow region. More about the company can be found at

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