Vladimir fully implemented a six-month program of repairs

For the 6 months of the year "Vladimir" repaired 862 km of overhead lines (VL) of all voltage classes. The volume of clearing glades during this period amounted 506 hectares. 
Elektrosetevikami was also carried out a comprehensive overhaul 7 35-110 kV, under which was renovated 216-breakers, disconnectors 133, replacement of 246 musculoskeletal sterzhenevyh insulators. Number of repaired transformer substations 6-10/0, 4 kV was 497 pieces. To perform the repair program "Vladimir" sent more than 117 million rubles.

Now in all structural units of the branch "Vladimir" JSC "IDGC of Center and Volga Region" is actively preparing for the heating season 2012-2013. Particular attention is paid to repair electrical supply socially important facilities (health care, day care, schools, boiler, etc.) All the preparatory work for electricity for the winter should be completed by October 15.
As part of the repair program branch "Vladimir" JSC "IDGC of Center and Volga Region" from the beginning of 2012 made a clearing 506 hectares of glades of overhead power lines (overhead) of all voltage classes. Many power lines "Vladimir" pass through wooded areas. In adverse weather conditions, trees and branches falling on wires, disrupting power supplies. Therefore, clearing the glades is the most important measure to improve the reliability of power supply, minimize outages, especially in terms of the unpredictable weather of autumn and winter.
Elektroseteviki not only clearing the power line route from the shoots, but also plant trees. "Vladimir" in this year’s national campaign "IDGC Holding" "the power grid system for the protection of the environment" landed in the territory of more than 60,000 trees. The action was to restore the natural balance of impaired during abnormal natural phenomena, fires and freezing rain in 2010 to 2011.

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