Vladimir Monomakh submarine has successfully completed its first test in the White Sea

Nuclear-powered submarine of the new generation, "Vladimir Monomakh" — Project 955 "Borey" — has successfully completed the first factory sea trials in the White Sea, said Tuesday the press service of "Sevmash".

"The underwater submarine was at sea 25 days. During that time, was a large amount of work, a fully worked out program. At Sea audited all ship’s equipment and major systems submarine" — quoted in the words of the company production of military equipment, "Sevmash" Marat Abizhanova .

Abidjanov noted that the tests of the second series of the ship "Boreas" are lighter than the previous ship of the project.

"After the elimination of a number of observations identified during the testing process, the ship will go to sea again. Until the end, the nuclear submarine" Vladimir Monomakh "will perform a factory busy schedule performance and state tests," — said in a statement.

APL "Vladimir Monomakh", the second ship of the series "Northwind." Nuclear submarine of project 955 "Borey" have a length of about 170 meters, width — 13.5 meters and a total displacement of 24,000 tons. On arms ship missiles 16 "Bulava-30", which developed the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology. Missiles of this type can carry up to 10 independently targetable nuclear warheads with improved performance to overcome missile defense. Radius "Bulava" — 8,000 kilometers.

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