Vladivostok began Sino-Russian naval exercises Sea interaction, 2013

Detachment of Navy ships in the Chinese destroyer "Shenyang", "Shijiazhuang", "Wuhan" and "Lanzhou" frigate "Yantai" and "Yancheng" and comprehensive supply ship "Hundzhu" under the flag of the deputy commander of the North Sea Fleet of the Chinese Navy Rear Admiral Ian Tszunfeya 5 July arrived in the city of Vladivostok.

33 Ship berth quay in Vladivostok Chinese sailors met representatives of the command of Pacific Fleet, the diplomatic corps of China, honor guard and orchestra Pacific Fleet headquarters and the Chinese diaspora of Vladivostok.

As stressed in his welcoming speech, the deputy commander of the Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral Andrew Rjabuhin: "In recent history, the relationship of the fleets of Russia and China, this visit is the seventh most abundant and entering Chinese Navy ships in the port of Vladivostok.

The main challenges in the course of the visit: to further strengthen and develop friendly relations between the navies of the two countries and a joint naval exercise "Sea cooperation — 2013".

At the briefing, which took place after the official welcoming ceremony, in front of the media by the leaders of the exercise: Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Navy, Vice Admiral Leonid Sukhanov and Deputy Commander of the PLA Navy, Vice-Admiral Dean Ipin. During the speeches of the leaders on both sides of the exercise, it was emphasized that the upcoming naval exercises will be the most ambitious in the recent history of interaction between the two navies, and will not be directed against other states. The main objectives of the exercise will be: working out and improving the organization to conduct joint operations at sea.

In the course of sea maneuvers from 8 to 10 July sailors of the two countries will free ship captured by pirates and conduct search and rescue operation to assist the emergency vehicle. Will be practically worked out questions escort vessels and replenishment at sea, as well as the joint organization of anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and antiship defense. In addition, the sailors will hold fire on different types of surface and air targets.

Completed teaching marine parade and summarizing. The visit of Chinese sailors last until July 12.

In the recent history of relations between Russia and China, it is the seventh visit of the Chinese PLA Navy in Vladivostok. Prior to that, the PLA Navy ships came to us two years ago, in 2011. In 2005, warships and marines Pacific Fleet took part in large-scale bilateral anti-terrorist exercise "Peace Mission-2005", held in the Liaodong Peninsula. In April 2012, in the Yellow Sea was a large-scale exercise "Sea cooperation-2012", which from the Pacific Fleet took part in seven ships and support vessels.

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