Vladivostok Branch of ISC in the I quarter of 2013 showed

record growth in turnover

In the I quarter of 2013 the volume of cargo Vladivostok branch of JSC "Freight One" (ISC) in covered wagons reached 70.4 thousand tons, 1.5 times higher than in the same period last year. The share of PGA in this segment in the total traffic on the Far Eastern Railway (Far Eastern) rose from 24.7% to 35%.

Contributed to the growth performance of the branch developed PGA competent pricing policy. In particular, for customers with fixed rates on cars for a year in an amount that was used by them in the first quarter. This measure enabled the branch to reduce downtime boxcars in a period of declining demand and enabled shippers to plan well in advance of annual travel expenses. In addition, the positive trend is due to an increase in shipments of food and manufactured goods from China, as well as the seasonal increase in transportation of construction materials and timber cargo for export. Consumer followed in covered wagons from the Far East Freight Stations and Ussurijsk Grodekovo (Far Eastern) in the western regions of Russia. Transportation of Russian timber was carried from stations Dal’nerechensk, Spassk-and Novochuguevka (Far Eastern) in China.

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