Vladivostok hospital neonatal awarded on the day of

Vladivostok hospital workers handed medals 12 babies born in the City Day on July 2.


"Two kids who are ready for discharge, we write in a festive atmosphere. Today, their parents will be the first document on their children — birth certificate. We decided that the remaining ten kids also do not have to suffer because their parents receive gifts today, "- said Svetlana Sagaidachniy, chief medical officer of Vladivostok hospital number three.

While Vladivostok celebrated its 153rd anniversary, the city’s population increased by 12 people. Today newborn presented commemorative medals, and their parents — the flowers and balloons. Surprisingly, the mayor’s office had forgotten about them, but in other cities such as St. Petersburg and Khabarovsk, already a tradition — the first child, born on the day the city receives from the authorities apartment

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