VNIIZhT completed the test and prepared for operation Power-

In JSC "VNIIZhT" completed testing and is ready for operation Power-generating — the car with the power plant fuel cell for use in tunnels.

The power plant has no emissions. The reaction product flowing inside the fuel cell is steam and distilled water. Power-VNIIZhT designed to reduce smoke in the tunnels and power track equipment in remote locations to provide power supply.

The power plant is created on the basis of four electrochemical generators for alkaline fuel cells "Photon", which were originally designed to power the spacecraft and satellites. In the fuel cell chemical energy of the fuel is converted directly into electricity, in contrast to thermal machines, in which the conversion of chemical energy takes place via several intermediate steps.

The electronic system allows you to control power plant automatically, without operator.

Gas reserve is enough for 8 days as part of the installation puteremontnogo train.

The car is divided into six compartments for gas storage and distribution equipment. The compartments are separated by a fire resisting partitions.

The car has 16 sensors gas leakage and system desensitization, which in the case of hazardous situations compartments of the car fills with nitrogen. The compartments of the car equipped with fans providing constant air to the outside.

Power-equipped with an emergency alarm system — speakers and a flashing light.

Scientists have considered various ways of charging power carriages. Depending on installation location, it will be possible to deliver hydrogen to the car or to produce hydrogen on site using electrolysis.

Enegrovagon VNIIZhT will be presented for the first time from 7 to 10 September 2011 at the III International Railway Show "Expo 1520" (g.Scherbinka, MO, Experimental ring VNIIZhT)

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