Volgograd region opened a tree-planting season

In total this year’s forest wealth of the region supplemented by vegetation on the total area of 1,800 hectares, which is comparable to the average annual rates of previous years. Planting forests will be produced in the territories of all 22 forest districts. The largest number of landings of forest plantations will be carried out in the territories of the Danilov Forestry — 140 hectares, Michael Forestry — 120 hectares of forest and Serafimovich — 105 hectares. The main species of trees that will be planted in 2012 — Scotch pine and Crimean pine. Will also planted saplings of oak, elm and acacia.

Now for the spring silviculture started forestry experts Svetloyarsky, Sredneahtubinskogo and Frolovsky areas.

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