Volgograd region to build a farm for 1200 cows

The initiator of the project — LLC "Donagrogaz" engaged in cattle breeding and dairy crop (cereals and oilseeds).

Expected to create a modern, fully automated dairy farm for 1200 head of dairy cattle with an average annual production capacity of 7,200 tons of milk. Preliminary total cost of the project — 1 billion 200 million rubles.

For the farm will be bought 1,500 head of cattle Holstein-Friesian, which are the world record for milk production.

The structure of the farm will include: 2 barn with capacity of 600 head each, milking and dairy unit; puerperal to 144 seats; shed for calves on 140 houses: calf house on 240 goals and 2 buildings of 360 heads of young animals each; building for heifers 360 goals.

Entering the farm is planned for 2012.

Funding for the project will be carried out at their own (20%) and bank loans (80%). In addition, from the regional budget will be offset by the costs of the infrastructure.

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