Vologda molkombinat updated equipment

 Photo source:rucompany.ru

At the Vologda Dairy Factory completed commissioning of the new line of Tetra Pak cheese production capacity of up to 3000 kg per shift.

On the new line has two manufacturer of cheese Tetra Tebel OST, pre-pressing table Scherjon Pre Press vat, and the automatic control system.

Tetra Pak equipment installed Vologda dairy in the framework of its modernization program, to optimize processes and improve product quality. The line was developed by Tetra Pak to the needs and may combine to produce a cheese of the reservoir ("Gouda") and bulk ("Russian").

Vologda Dairy in August will be released on the scheduled performance of a new line of Tetra Pak and in the future will be able to increase the production of cheese doubled to 6,000 kg per day.

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