Volumes of production of Tractor plants increased by 2 times

Indicators of commercial output Concern "Tractor plants" for I quarter 2011 increased relative to that of the same period last year, showing a steady increase, approaching pre-crisis levels.

In general, holding the production volume increased by 2.2 times.

The highest growth dynamics showed a group of the holding, located in the Chuvash Republic. They managed to cross the billion dollar mark and show significant growth of commodity production: — "Promtractor" — 2.2 times — JSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Works" — 1.8 times — Ltd. "Promtractor Promlit" — 2.7 times.

The most significant results demonstrated JSC "Promtractor Wagon", where the growth of commodity output was 4.2 times. This is primarily due to the output of the planned capacity of the new railcar production — Universal welding and assembly housing (glish).

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