Vorkutaugol built in Vorkuta road bridge cost 200 million rubles.

JSC "Vorkutaugol," one of the largest coal producers in Russia, a member of the JSC "Severstal" has completed the construction of a road bridge over the river in Vorkuta. The bridge construction at a cost of more than 200 million rubles., Put into operation. It will work more efficiently and to develop coal and other businesses of the city, according to the press service of the company.

Construction of the bridge length of 200 meters across the river Vorkuta began in 2003 but was soon suspended: Due to lack of funding was frozen. Manual "Vorkutaugol" drew attention to the long-term construction in 2010, when the agreement on social and economic partnership with the Vorkuta performed reconstruction of existing road bridge over the River Vorkuta. It is located nearby. Then there were carried out mainly road work. However, the examination showed that the bridge is no longer fully meets the needs of the city and does not provide sufficient bandwidth. Under these circumstances, an alternative to the current bridge could only be a new one.

"Vorkutaugol", taking into account the high cost of the project for the city, as well as its high social and economic importance, decided to finish the bridge at their own expense.

"Today it is clear that this bridge is badly needed city, and after careful consideration, we decided to build it, — said General Director of" Vorkutaugol "Sergei Efanov. — Completion of long-term construction will effectively operate and grow our coal enterprises and the whole Vorkuta" .

Construction resumed in 2011. According to the results of the tender the contractor was the company "Mostostroy-12" from the New Urengoja. Part of the construction work related to the arrangement of the roadway, carried out by local contractors. Provided assistance in the construction and businesses "Vorkutaugol."

The most difficult phase of construction began construction of the missing support and the sliding of the bridge from one bank to another, the installation of reinforced concrete slabs. On the bridge, installed security fencing, lampposts lighting.

The roadway of the new bridge is much wider than the previous one — 10 m, so that machines will be able to move in two rows. This has greatly increased the capacity of the traffic flow through the river Vorkuta. In addition, the edges have pedestrian walkways and a half meters.

Before the opening of the bridge he surveyed the special commission issued the permit to operate the facility. Bridge meets the latest requirements, including safety.

On the construction of the object forming enterprise has sent a total of more than 200 million rubles. In addition, "Vorkutaugol" fully fulfills its social obligations. In 2011, in support of social projects in the Komi "Vorkutaugol" provided a total of more than 40 million rubles. The bulk of this funding is directed at improving the quality of life in Vorkuta, including in the framework of the Agreement on social partnership with the City. According to the Agreement with the City for three years (until 2013) "Vorkutaugol" grants for social projects not less than 60 million rubles. on the support of the most important areas of the city: education, health, culture, sports, and improvement of Vorkuta. In 2012, the city-forming the company sent to the support of key social sectors and projects of more than 20 million rubles.

In excess of the agreed amount of funding social programs, the company provides financial support for the activities of the municipal and national levels.

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