Voronezh radar near Irkutsk prepared for combat duty

  • Voronezh-M (irkutsk.sibnovosti.ru)
  • Voronezh-M (irkutsk.sibnovosti.ru)

The new radar system of missile warning (EWS) on Wednesday intrudes on experimental combat duty in the Irkutsk region, told the official spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry troops ASD Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin.

Russia continues to build the capacity of early warning systems. On Wednesday in the village of Usolye in Siberian Irkutsk region will be staged on the development radar alert a new generation of "Voronezh-M", created by the technology of high operational readiness. "This is the fourth station of the new generation that was commissioned in Russia in recent years. Radar will operate in the meter band and cover the missile-east direction," — said Zolotukhin.

According to him, the tactical and technical characteristics of the radar stations are not inferior to the parameters of previous generations, and a number of indications of their significantly superior.

According to the Defense Ministry, as well as at other stations of this generation (early warning), a feature of the radar station in Usole-Siberian is significantly less time deploying a new place and a smaller number of employees than the previous generation stations. Also, a new type of radar may be relocated to another location, if necessary. In radar type "Voroneg" lower power level (40%) and the amount of process equipment.

The official spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry troops ASD added that "in the development of early warning radar station construction of new generation planned in other regions of Russia." "Among the possible locations of new radars high operational areas are considered towns Pechora, Barnaul, Eniseisk and others. Creation of a network of new radars will allow continuous monitoring of all radar missile-threat directions from the territory of Russia", — said Zolotukhin.

He said that of the three previously built and existing radar type "Voronezh" station in the Leningrad region works in range and the radar station in Armavir and Kaliningrad Oblast is working in the decimeter range.

The ceremony setting radar Usole Siberian development on combat duty to attend Commander Lieutenant General EKR Oleg Ostapenko.

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