Voronezh Rudgormash in the first half of the year increased output almost doubled

CJSC "UMMC Rudgormash" in the first half of the year has produced marketable output for 798.2 million rubles, or 192% compared to the same period in 2010, the company reports.

Sales of products in the first half of the year is estimated at 546.3 million rubles (1.916 billion rubles planned for 2011). The result in 2010 amounted to 1.05 billion rubles.
The share of exports in total sales for the year is expected to increase from 35.4% to 36.8%. The share of new technology, developed in 2008-2010, at the end of the year should reach 11 positions, or 23% of product.
"As of July 2011 order backlog for drilling equipment in the company formed to the second quarter of 2012", — reported in "Rudgormash."

July 26, 2011 at OOO "UMMC-Rudgormash-Voronezh", a conference and a presentation of a new drilling rig SBSH-250D

 Photo source:rudgormash.ru

Investment Program "Rudgormash" for 2011 assumes investment of around 86 million rubles, which will focus on the modernization of, energy efficiency and other goals.

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