Voronezhselmash led to the mass production of the new Grain

"Voronezhselmash" started production of upgraded Grain PZM-90. This machine is designed for loading grain into the vehicle and its mechanical perelopachivaniya.

Grain PZM-90 has the highest quality indicators among cars in its class:

capacity — 90 t / h

throwing distance — 20 m,

throwing height — 7 m

loading height — 3.8 m

New Grain "Voronezhselmash" will quickly and without loss to make loading and unloading of grain storages of any scale, pereburtovku and dry grain, loading grain into a vehicle with a maximum height of the body.

The main advantages of technology "Voronezhselmash" is innovation, reliability, power, simplicity, maintainability and availability. Grain "Voronezhselmash" are ideal for loading grain, and for his throwing.

Due to the technical solution constructors’ Voronezhselmash "in Grain PZM-90 in contrast to the previous model, the opportunity stepless speed of movement that way, depending on the quality of the grain of the material reach the best performance

On the market today zernopogruzochnogo equipment technology "Voronezhselmash" has the lowest noise and vibration, as well as the most robust frame structure.

The combination of reliability and ease of operation Grain ensure smooth operation PZM-90 in the harvest season!

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