Vostokgazprom launched a system to use APG in the Tomsk region

 Photo source:gazprom.ru

Tomsk, 25.08.2011.

JSC "Vostokgazprom" ("daughter" of "Gazprom") on Thursday launched its oil and gas complex of associated gas (APG) of Kazan oilfield worth 3.47 billion rubles, which in the future will allow the company to utilize up to 100% of APG.

Commissioning of the system will allow "Vostokgazprom" to use more than 95% of APG, the volume of commercial gas delivery through the use of associated petroleum gas in 2011 will increase by 200 million cubic meters, in 2012 — 380 million cubic meters. In the future, "Vostokgazprom" plans to bring the level of utilization of associated gas field Kazan to 100%.
Capital investment in the project amounted to 3.47 billion rubles. It is expected that the investment in the project will pay off in 2013.

According to the company, the system provides for the use of APG APG compressing a gas compressor station and its transport by pipeline to a comprehensive gas Myldzhinskoye field. Performance pipeline — 500 million cubic meters, length — 206 kilometers.

According to the company, the system will use APG is designed to connect other fields in the Southern Group, which will be put into operation in 2011-2013.

Produced gas will reach consumers — energy companies, industry, housing and communal services, the region’s population. Experts point out that, in fact, the realization of this project is to launch a new small deposit. According to estimates, the total amount of extracted by APG to increase in 2012 and will be about 540 million cubic meters per year, and by 2016 — about 800 million cubic meters. m

Not all the associated gas utilization projects being developed in the Tomsk region, are not as profitable and successful. Thus, according to the Deputy Governor for Energy and Mineral Resources Vladimir Emesheva, "many study on utilization of associated gas fields in the Tomsk region, are unprofitable. The most common cause of this is logistical problems. And, in all likelihood, need for public investment in infrastructure for collecting, recycling and processing of associated gas, at least — in terms of energy, pipelines and roads. "

According to the regional administration in the past year, Tomsk oil disposed of slightly more than half of associated gas, which is much worse than Russia’s total, which is 72%. Against this background, the vice-governor, the project Vostokgazprom looks very advantageous. Especially because the specialists of "have a lot of experience with gas."

JSC "Vostokgazprom" — a subsidiary of OAO "Gazprom", the largest gas company in the Tomsk region, established in 1999. The company produced more than 30 billion cubic meters of gas and more than 3 million tons of gas condensate. In 2009, after the launch of the Kazan NGKM company started commercial production of oil.

In 2010, the company reduced its natural gas production by 1% — up to 2.857 billion cubic meters, and has doubled the production of liquid hydrocarbons, including oil and condensate — up to 982 thousand tons. Investments amounted to 5.4 billion rubles. Over the year, the company increased its net profit by 70% — to 3.9 billion rubles. In 2011, "Vostokgazprom" to increase gas production by 9%, oil — by 22.7%, investments — by 16.7%.

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