Vostoknefteprovod completes the construction of a bridge across the river Peleduy (Yakutia)

Ltd. "Vostoknefteprovod" completes the construction of a bridge across the river Peleduy in Yakutia. The facility is located on 1,390 km oil pipeline, the press service of the company.
Photo source:peleduy.ru

The model of the bridge, which is set to Peledue, designed to meet the requirements of the placement of such facilities in the North. The bridge is made of high-strength steel that allows you to operate down to -50 degrees. To ensure security during the break-up, the bridge has a restraining structures — ice axes. The total length of the structure 72 m, width is sufficient for the movement of two cars in opposite directions.

Bridge over Peleduy — ninth, built "Vostoknefteprovod" since the beginning of operation of the TC ESPO.

"The new transition completely solve the problem of year-round maintenance of the pipeline route in the area. Prior to the construction of the bridge during periods of freeze-up and break-up staff serving the oil route, had to conduct four-hour duty on both banks of the river ", — the report says.

Currently, "Vostoknefteprovod" is building a bridge over the river Yakut Kieng — Yuriakh. The company’s plans — the construction of new bridges over the river Yakut Djerba (now it uses a temporary pontoon bridge), B.Tira, Amga, Nyuya, Aldan.

Ltd. "Vostoknefteprovod" is a subsidiary of OJSC "AK" Transneft "and created for the operation, maintenance of industrial, environmental, safety and stable operation of the pipeline system" Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean. "

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