Votkinskaya plant exceeded its semi-annual production plan


Supply of electric power amounted to 1.485 billion kWh, an increase of 24.7 per cent over the half-year figure of 2012. 

The amount listed Votkinsk plant in the budgets of all levels of funds in the form of taxes amounted to 83.8 million rubles, including federal — 32.2 million rubles, Regional — 51.6 million rubles.

Maintenance programs, technical re-equipment and reconstruction of hydropower plants in the first half of 2012 met for a total of 328.2 million rubles, including the repair work is aimed 52.6 million rubles.

As part of the repair program is made repairs intake screen of hydraulic unit number 7, coating fabric for an earth dam road number 3, top slopes of earth dam number 3 and waterproofing horse of the upstream side of the power house. Continued overhaul of crane tracks, paths perekatki transformers and wall waterproofing horse pressure in the variable level downstream.

In addition, the completed work on the modernization of public address system staff put into trial operation of hydro-generator excitation system number 3, number 2 is mounted gate spillway dam, completed reconstruction of electric crane number 2 machine room.

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