VSMPO and Boeing are developing cooperation

Ural Boeing Manufacturing (UBM), the Cooperative venture Boeing and VSMPO, delivered the first batch of beams aircraft main landing gear Next-Generation 737.

 Photo source:itar-tass.com

"Production of the main landing gear beams Next-Generation 737 at UBM — this is an important step in a long-term cooperation with Boeing state corporation Russian Technologies / VSMPO, our strategic partner and key supplier in Russia — said Gary Kessler, CEO Ural Boeing Manufacturing. — Our work is aimed at increasing production and production capacity. "

Beam main landing gear aircraft Next-Generation 737 is an integral part of the design of the wing that supports attachment of the landing gear. It consists of two parts, one for each wing. UBM will produce primary processing forgings produced by VSMPO, which will then be sent to the Boeing plant in Portland for the final machining. Providing about half of all primary treatment beam main landing gear needed for 737 production at UBM allows the plant in Portland to support production capacity in line with the increasing volume of production Next-Generation 737.

Since 1997, when Boeing signed its first contract with a Russian producer of titanium products, VSMPO Boeing is a partner and supplier of forgings and titanium parts through a series of long-term contracts.

"Our companies have experience of successful cooperation. A number of titanium parts for the newest 787 Dreamliner made using the alloy jointly developed and integrated by specialists Boeing and VSMPO — said Mikhail Voevodin, CEO of VSMPO. — We will continue to expand cooperation with Boeing and our joint efforts to increase productivity and create world-class products. "

In July 2009, Boeing and VSMPO opened a joint (50/50) venture Ural Boeing Manufacturing, located in the Upper Salda, Sverdlovsk Region. UBM — this is a new modern enterprise that carries out machining of titanium forgings for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the most technologically sophisticated aircraft in the world.

In the next 30 years, Boeing intends to sell in Russian projects worth a total of $ 27 billion, of which about $ 18 billion will be spent on the purchase of titanium products, $ 5 billion — the purchase of services for the design and $ 4 billion will be spent on the purchase of other types of goods and services, including products and services for space programs.

AVISMA — The world’s largest manufacturer of titanium products, which occupies more than 25 percent of the global titanium market, and a major supplier of titanium to domestic consumers. The main shareholder — the State Corporation "Russian Technologies", which owns more than 70% of the share capital of the company. AVISMA has long-term contracts with the leading foreign aircraft manufacturers.

Boeing cooperated with the Russian aerospace industry for more than 15 years. Two key Boeing located in the center of Moscow. Technical Research Centre carries out projects related to the development of new technologies, including in the field of new materials, prototyping and aerodynamic testing. In the Design Center Boeing on a contract basis with more than 1,250 engineers — members of the leading Russian engineering and service companies, which are involved in the design of all major civil aircraft "Boeing".

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