VSMPO increases export of components for Boeing is 2.7 times

It is no secret that Boeing, and Airbus transferred to Russia as the design and production of parts for their aircraft. And now — a new step in this direction: Boeing significantly — by 2.7 times! — Increases the purchases of Russian components for its aircraft, including the Dreamliner, the company VSMPO, Upper Salda, Sverdlovsk Region.

Supplies of titanium components increased from 27 to 73 tons per month.

This sharp increase of exports was made possible by the enormous modernization (in some shops updated 80% of the equipment more) And a significant expand the production capacity of the plant, but this expansion continues. In particular, the running trehshpindelny milling machine mounted another — quadruple by the middle of the summer will begin commissioning, and has laid the foundation for the pyatishpindelny machine. That allows you to simultaneously process up to 30 parts.

hence. And here’s another interesting there in the comments:

Russian titanium Dreamliner components in the order of 10% of the weight of the aircraft structure, ie less than 15 tons per aircraft. Thus, the 73 tonnes per month — a production Dreamliner 5 per month to 60 years.

But many Dreamliner — missing! They all, at all times and issued 16 boards!

In other Boeings specific contribution of titanium components less — precisely because they have other heavy items, paneling something — not composite! Percentage do not know, but probably titanium there about 5%.

Weight of the structure of Boeing 737 Next Generation — 30-40 m, in different versions. You can count on how many boards have enough t 73 titanium components per month. 

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