VSW in late October launches Stan-5000

 Photo source:omk.ru

According to the September 29 journalists complex construction project manager Alexander Rybkin, all work 99 percent completed and in late September, is scheduled to begin hot testing. According to him, at present, are commissioning.

The volume of investment in the construction of the sheet mill was 45 billion rubles.

By itself, the idea and concept of the camp-5000 is the same as that of other mills, but because of the huge dimensions of the sheet has a disproportionate increase equipment. Such equipment is much larger and more expensive, and it has to stand on a large flat surface. This makes the construction of a workshop svershirokoy listoprokatke slozhnovypolnimoy and expensive task. For leaf width of 5 meters and a length of 18 meters is required and appropriate rollers, machine for continuous casting for it (CCM) and other accessories. It turns shop a metallurgical plant.

The production capacity of the mill is 1 million 200 thousand tons. Before the year is planned to produce about 10-12 tonnes of wide plates. The complex is expected to reach full production capacity — 1.5 million tonnes — by December 2012.

Construction of "Mill-5000" started in January 2008. The main supplier of equipment — a German company SMS DEMAG AAG. "Stan-5000" will produce a list of high-strength steel. Its launch will solve the problem of import of high-quality wide sheets needed for the pipe industry. According to Rybkin, "Stan-5000" will not only work on trubostroenie, but also on the bridge engineering, shipbuilding, engineering.

United Metallurgical Company — one of the largest producers of pipes, railway wheels and other metal products for energy, transport and industrial companies. In the OMK Pipe include VSW / Nizhny Novgorod region / Almetyevsk Pipe Plant / RT / and plant "Trubodetal."

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