VTB and KraMZ launched a new project on the modernization of metallurgical production

Krasnoyarsk Metallurgical Plant (KraMZ Ltd.) with the support of VTB (VTB) continued the implementation of investment projects on modernization of production. March 30, 2012 VTB opened two credit with deferred payment in favor of KraMZ the purchase of imported equipment worth a total of $ 2.4 million for the period up to 3 years.

The new equipment includes a homogenizing furnace, five multi-heating furnaces tool-through oven aging bars, rods, ingots cutting scissors hot-pillars. Its launch will improve the quality and range of alloys finished product production KraMZ. Supply and installation company plans to carry out in the 3rd quarter of 2012

"Checkpoint homogenizing furnace will reduce the power consumption, due to uniform heating of ingots increase their quality. Acquired scissors cutting bars will increase the yield and as a consequence will reduce the loss of steel ", — said Anatoly Nazarov, Director General of the Krasnoyarsk smelter.

"This project continues the cooperation of VTB Bank and KraMZ in modernization. In the past year, with our assistance, the company launched a new press shop complex costing more than $ 4 million, " — said Acting VTB branch manager in Krasnoyarsk Svetlana Balakhnin.

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