Vyborg Shipyard laid the 21900m icebreaker project and commissioned a new press

Today, December 12, 2012, at the JSC "Vyborg Shipbuilding Plant" ahead of schedule, a solemn ceremony linear diesel-electric icebreaker capacity of 16 MW project 21900 M. The vessel is based on the request of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport.

Engineering design of the icebreaker was made by the Central Design Bureau "Baltsudoproekt" — Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Scientific Center Krylovskiy."


This project is the modernization project 21900, technical and partly working drafts of which were also performed CDB "Baltsudoproekt." Compared with 21,900 in the 21900M a number of design changes, in particular: a heliport moved to the bow of the vessel, the space on the foredeck under the helipad with anchors and mooring devices — closed; developed from side to side of the superstructure, increased crew; opportunity Special personnel placement; truck mounted crane increased capacity, increased power propulsion system, reinforced hull design to reduce vibration and body reinforcements in the area of the ice belt and rudder propellers match the category of ice strengthening Icebreaker7, instead Icebreaker6; installed equipment and systems to ensure compliance with international requirements to limit emissions and handling ballast used an innovative system for monitoring ice loads on the body, increased endurance.
Icebreakers Project 21900M have unlimited navigation area. They are designed for self-posting of large vessels, towing vessels and other floating structures in ice and open water, fire fighting on floating objects and other structures, works to assist vessels in distress.

The groundbreaking ceremony ended with a solemn icebreaker launching of the unique press for bending sheet metal. Press develops the force up to 1000 tons and is capable of bending of sheet metal parts with thickness of 50 mm or more.

Prior to that, the factory had a chance to bend parts up to 20 mm, and the maximum force equal to 450-minute tonnes. With the reorientation of the enterprise for the construction of icebreakers, where the thickness of the cladding reach 40-50 mm, the plant faced with the problem of bending of similar items. Due to the commissioning of the press, Vyborg Shipyard will be able to work with sheet metal required thickness.


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