Wahhabis are also showing interest in the march Swamp Swamp

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1) The U.S. Embassy in Moscow, "urges" U.S. citizens to exercise increased vigilance in relation to the opposition meeting, which will be held May 6, 2013, from 19 to 21:30 on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow. Link to the website of the Embassy: http://moscow.usembassy.gov/sm_050513.html

2) The British Foreign Office recommends that the British did not visit Russia next week. Due to the large political action on Bolotnaya Square, which will be held May 6, 2013. As stated in the report, there is a high threat of terrorism. It also mentions that the previous attacks have occurred most frequently in Moscow and the North Caucasus. Official citation:


Friends, tell your family, friends and acquaintances. I really hope that nothing extraordinary happens. Nevertheless. Booked — is forearmed!

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