Wake of the implant in the body


Wake of the implant in the body
17.11.03, the


… After the X-ray analysis of the tibia in his right leg Alan local clinic urgently sent to Cornell war surgery hospital where experienced surgeons four o'clock to make his complex operation to extract … implant completely unusual destination, the aliens implanted in the bone tissue in the 1998 …

In this subtitle English popular science magazine "Focus" has opened a new material on the implant alien objects of unknown purpose to people from different countries. "No other explanation I have not and can not be!" — Categorically stated by the chief surgeon of the military hospital in Cornwall, Sir Cedric Johnston, Colonel Medicine of the Royal Air Force in Britain.

Alan … Butch, a 37-year-old railroad dispatcher, in July 1998, to fish on a secluded lake, for no apparent reason fainted while watching the floats. He woke up getting close to dusk. "Wow, slept through the whole fishing" — cursing the hapless fisherman and storing gear. Having met, he walked to the car, parked nearby, and suddenly his right leg ached — as if stung a long needle. The pain quickly passed, but unpleasant itching inside left thigh. "It's like some kind of small rodents slightly, but is sensitive and gripping the bone do not let" — complained the next day, Alan doctor in his clinic. On the outer side of the thigh appeared desyatisantimetrovymi thin scar that previously he had never noticed before. The surgeon did X-rays and was surprised to find on the tibia weird thing (!) Elliptical shape measuring about 2 centimeters. Increase in computer image surgeon Patrick Joe was amazed what they see more and more with the images sent to the above named patient's hospital where neurosurgeons and produced a complex operation. The extracted thing — unknown species of metal, 21 millimeters long and four millimeters wide was implanted into the bone to two millimeters in depth. His appointment is unclear. Even in his hands, he remained cold to the touch. Master surgeons gave the subject in an experimental laboratory Air Force (base Cornwall), the patient was discharged after a week. Incidentally, laboratory experts could establish only that in the object-present implant tungsten and bismuth; radiocarbon irradiation did not show, and the object is immersed in the glass with an alcohol surfaced two centimeters from the bottom and floating in the liquid. Where is it now — do not know the answer to this query is not received.

… In 1993, an Englishwoman Mary Field turned to doctors about the terrible pain suddenly emerged at the base of the skull. According to the 25-year-old patient, the pain was long and dull, exhausting to the point that poor girl passed out. Roentgen discovered the artifact at the base of the upper vertebra. She agreed to the operation, and surgeons removed a small triangular object of black metal or plastic. Studies have shown that this implant, in the coating of which are found rare earth metals Venice and Silicium, served with something like "beacon", and in the dark is one of the vertices of glowing light maroon, while remaining completely cold. Now this item is in the science laboratory of the Royal Academy of Sciences. Who could implant this thing in the back of a young woman and for what purpose — is one of the many mysteries pertaining to the subject of aliens.

… February 27, 2000 in the central hospital of Manila (Philippines) asked 23-year-old Nina Manola about periodic pain in the lower part of the right side of the sternum. A survey of the patient's ultrasound showed the presence of a lower edge of a foreign object in the form of an empty hemisphere (like cut in half ball, ping-pong table). The object is so firmly rooted in the fabric that cheroots doctors refused to guarantee a successful outcome of the operation at the cellular level and offered to parents to send her daughter and Israel. After learning from a TV program about the incident, offered to help healer Coe Donk (People's surgeon doing surgery one hand, without tools). The girl agreed, and 43-year-old genius of manual surgery is really a miracle: for twenty-odd minutes, he pulled the implant and stopped the bleeding. "This implanted unknown and for what purpose the hemisphere, has worked out the highest hardness of the material is in the layering of the size of a match head — says the discovery of Manila University professor Joseph Hardy. — It reminds me reverse peephole. This thing has grown into a very deep body girl very strange that she had not felt before. Who would do that? What does "eye"? judge can not undertake. "

Of such cases in 2000 registered desyatki. In the poevonochnika 3-year-old American Bob In surgeons found the implant in the form of a thick needle with two very thin mustache at the end, after removing baby slept almost the day, and waking up, began to tell strange dreams about some green creatures, it lovivshih in the park and hurt him (doctors believe that it is more active subconscious memory).

At 76-year-old Andrea Lopez province of Andalusia suddenly appeared on the buttock big shot, very hard to the touch. Image showed the presence of a foreign body in the tissue of a spherical shape. Surgeons suggested to remove weird thing and quickly coped with his task. They put a dark colored ball on a plate and put it to Lopez's eyes so that he could tell what it is. At this point the ball softly exploded with a bright flash, leaving a blackened saucer krisallikov hundreds that were sent for examination to Barcelona. The patient is absolutely nothing to say about the strange implant.

The body of a 4-month Kierona Luskoiba from Durban (South Africa) found implant size and shape resembling a big bullet. Parents in utter confusion as to the origin of the subject. Top surgeons with all precautions removed the bullet and sent her to the Metropolitan University, and the unfortunate baby — in a hospital bed, to heal the wound.



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