War — IV Stargate for Saddam



War — IV Stargate "for Saddam

24.11.03, the


Active combat operations in Iraq have long vanished, and the stage of military operations flowed smoothly for guerrilla raids and terrorist acts. The dictator hid in the sands of Mesopotamia,
bombards the former subjects of a video message, and possibly coordinate the activities of the terrorist underground. (?) Scored in a hurry to the local "experts" are grouped by the occupation regime in the likeness of the government and exhibit complete helplessness in the management and restoration of at least some semblance of order. Their qualification is clearly on a different plane — finding the years of totalitarian power at hone to perfection the ability of people to rob their own country and their own people. The debate on this subject is out of place: at home, at any level of government, we see exactly the same "product" developed socialism.

Western Europe and Russia are not in a hurry to get out to help the Yankees out of the muck in which they themselves had been dipped. "A friend of Vladimir" lip sympathy "friend George" and promises some kind of support. However, with Jacques and Gerhard holds great fig in the pocket, and rightfully so. Shat myself — myself and washed.

Of course, the Americans are aware of what they were. The relatively long experience in Vietnam, the current lessons of Afghanistan and Chechnya and permanent nightmares Middle East clearly showed what happens when the population strongly supports the intruders from the outside. In such a situation, the victory is mined only by the war on the total destruction of the enemy (ie, the entire population of the country subject to aggression), which is completely devoid of any meaning.

Underwritten version of the reasons that prompted the Americans to unleash a "rather big" and "nepobedonosnuyu" War is just another version, and does not claim to unconditional acceptance. This hypothesis was put forward by Michael Salla, Ph.D. (Michael E. Salla), the famous explorer problems of ethnic conflict, the author of four books and 76 articles on the subject ().

So, the beginning of the 80s. Iraq is actively engaged in the construction of military facilities, builds underground bunkers and hastily digging pits for production of chemical and biological weapons. Shoveling tons of ancient land, the land on which modern civilization was born and military engineers who stumble upon the remains (and, perhaps, no residue) mysterious mechanisms
subsequently identified as the site of teleportation. These hypothetical device for instant movement of material bodies from one point to another is known as a "Stargate". And they were the Anunnaki, the ancient gods of Sumer, aliens from the planet Nibiru. This cosmic object has a highly elliptical orbit, its period of revolution around the Sun is about 3600 years old. Teleportal was left Anunnaki during their previous visit to Earth and will be used by them for the next entry to the Earth. As Nibiru approaches (term fateful convergence of the planets is defined as the mid-2003), an urgent need to take action to prevent the Anunnaki on the planet. Sounds, of course, fantastic and unconvincing.

Next. Dr. Salla believes that the Russian (Soviet Union), Germany and France are aware of the findings of Saddam and actively assisted him in carrying out archaeological research. The Iraqi dictator tried to get hold of alien technology, studying with the Europeans found. Moreover, the inhabitants of Nibiru left about 1,700 years before the birth of Christ equipment is more complex and more perfect than anything that has the United States from the "gray" at Area 51.

So where is can be "Stargate"? These areas, according to the researchers the problem, not less than four. Columnist
UFO ROUNDUP Mahmoud el Davanyahi believes that this could be an ancient crypt, cache, a ziggurat (multistage religious building, one of the most famous ziggurat of modern construction — the Lenin Mausoleum in Red Square) Dar Karigalzu near Baghdad. Also attracted the attention of an ancient fortress to the north of Mosul, near the town Zarzi. In this area can be considered and the "dark ziggurat" in the valley of the Little Zab, the center of the ancient Sumerian sorcery and magic. Finally, an underground base, three kilometers from Tikrit, postroenaaya rumored by the aliens crashed in 1998 over Iraq UFO. Actually, the aliens (other than "gray") and appeared to restore the teleporter and prepare the arrival of the main flow of the Anunnaki on Earth.

Version Dr. Scully comes down to two main points.
First, do not give Saddam Hussein to master the secrets of alien and inconceivable for a modern level of development of the earth sciences military "toys." We can add that numerous IAEA inspections in Iraq were caused not so much by the nuclear threat from the totalitarian regime as the need to get at least circumstantial evidence of Saddam conducted research studies of unearthly.
Second, the United States sought to master the "Stargate" in order to block the access of the inhabitants of Nibiru to Earth. Of course, it is easier to fill up the entrance to the nest, rather than randomly fend off suddenly appeared out of nowhere locusts! Again, probably initiated the invasion of Iraq were "gray" — competition in the galactic expanse is no different from the rivalry between the powers in the world.

It should be noted that these theoretical constructs are based solely on conjecture, speculation, scarce and contradictory rumors and dubious facts. However, for those who doubt remember the good proverb "Smoke without fire." After all, do not walk the same talk of this kind around Afghanistan or Kosovo!













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