Friends! I write in detail (at the request of one of the readers of the site) about their experiences. I rested in Lloret 29.05.2010 to 05.06.2010 at the hotel Rosamar & Spa. About the rest I will not write, I will describe only how someone stole my bag, because it will be very useful information to all travelers. On Saturday, at 9.20 am, I was standing at the entrance to the hotel Rosamar & Spa, next to me were two more Russian.

Our things were standing next to us. Almost no one around, it is sometimes passed people who lived in the hotel. I put my bag in the trunk, to bid farewell to Russian girl Olga, who came to see me off (we met her at the hotel). After a few minutes, I bent down to take his bag and saw that it is not. No one saw that someone came up to us, or passing by. Bag was in so close that discreetly pull her could only very clever thief. We immediately ran to the neighboring alleys, visited all the boxes in the hope that the thief will throw my documents, but to no avail! Inside the bag were: my passport, a Russian passport, all money, credit cards, mobile, etc. EVERYTHING!

After min. 10-15 drove past the police car and we reported the theft. Olga, who accompanied me, gave me a phone card so I could call my mother in Moscow. They blocked my credit card, call the bank and saying the secret word (password). Another Russian girl (her name is Olga, too) gave me 300 euros. Thank her very much! (It should be noted that in this history I have provided invaluable assistance to ordinary people, not the embassy).

Then they took me to the airport, where I was waiting for a representative, dealing with the problems of tourists at the airport. In Barcelona airport police made the report, and I was given a certificate of theft. The representative called the embassy and explained my sad situation. When he handed me the phone, the consul said, "Come to the embassy, you need to have a document proving your identity, and two witnesses, citizens of Russia who know you and can vouch for you." To which I replied that I ONE arrived that the documents I have not any, because ALL stolen. Consul replied calmly and politely: "That’s your problem. WE ARE NOTHING YOU CAN HELP ". It was a real nightmare.

On my flight I did not have time, hope to return collapsed like a house of cards. Thank you so much, a representative at the airport, who did their best to help me. He recognized my passport details in the airline (God knows how), which I flew to Barcelona and booked me a ticket for an evening flight online. Then walked with me all the steps from registration to passport control, explaining my situation Spaniards. We must pay tribute, they (the Spaniards) went to a meeting, and I was able to go through all these formalities, having the only police certificate. (!)

Until now, she is a really hard to believe! And all thanks to this wonderful man who helped me. At the Vnukovo airport, border comforted me by saying that the worst is behind us, the main thing, "You are here in Moscow. The rest is a matter of time. " My family had to write a statement that they confirm my identity and Consul (representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the airport), made the request at the Domodedovo airport to confirm my data (I was flying from Domodedovo to Barcelona). This is my journey ended. In the end I want to say is, do not forget that Spain is a beautiful country in which the theft has industrial size. Be extremely careful not to fall into such stories. Good luck to all!

PS By the way, no one guide had warned me about the situation with theft in Spain as long as I was not robbed. During this special thank you to them! Only then I found out hundreds of instructive stories that I told our guides. For example, that in the administration of the airport from the hotel thieves (often Moroccans) keep watch over tourists, and taking advantage of a universally vanity, can rob you while you carry a bag on the bus. Often, this happens at the airport upon check — you put the suitcase on the tape, and you have at this time, pull money out of the bag. When you put things in the tray (by inspection), then, taking things from the tape, you can find that something missing. Including special guest waiting in the popular tourist locations such as Park Guell and the Sagrada Familia. On arrival when you stand surrounded by Russian and tell your guide hotel name, at which point you can easily pull out all that is bad. Do not talk to strangers, you can ask for directions or the time, in order to distract you all with the same goal. I myself had a lot of time in different countries, know that you should always be cautious, but in Spain it is not enough. Every second, be careful. It is very difficult, because we come to relax and enjoy it all the same thieves. Young girls advice: in Spain you will be closely watching hundreds of men’s eyes, do not forget that not all of them admire your beauty. Some of them are being assessed you as an "object" for theft or fraud. It’s sad and frustrating, but it is reality.


As they say, EDITORIAL

All of the foregoing is found in many resort areas, particularly Spain and Barcelona unfortunately in the top lines of the "hit parade" This does not mean that there every step of stealing, just the concentration of tourists who come to spend the money is great, and, accordingly, the number of scams too. You will save your nerves, if you follow some of our recommendations. And a lot of it is worth remembering what has been said below and in other countries / resorts, etc. READ MORE >>>

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