Warrior will protect 90% of the Soldier

In Russia have developed an ultra-light suit of armor of the sixth, the highest class of protection — from shrapnel, bullets and bombs

As told to "Izvestia" in "Breastplate", created "The Warrior", a new suit for 70% better than its predecessor protect soldiers from shrapnel, covering 90% of the body surface. This result is achieved by the latest aramid fiber "Alyuteks" designed in "Kamenskvolokno."

Bullet vital organs fighter defends body armor with ceramic plates. Tests of new items due to start in the summer of 2012.

— In June, we will begin testing the "Warrior", and in 2013, if all goes well, he can go into service, — told the "News" is one of the managers of "Breastplate", who asked not to indicate his name and position.

The structure of "Warrior" is about 20 elements, the main — aramid coveralls, designed for a direct hit by fragments of mines, grenades, shells, and open flames. In addition, the kit includes a special multi-layer helmet and body armor with ceramic armor plates capable of stopping bullets and automatic AK74 rifles SVD.

All elements of the kit can be combined. The total weight of the standard version of the suit and vest fifth-grade protection is about 10 kg, the maximum — with a helmet, body armor assault sixth grade protection broneschitkami for the shoulders and hips — about 20 kg.

"Warrior" designed for use within 48 hours. To the soldiers survived in such ammunition, the suit made a "breathing".

— We were impregnated fabric with a special compound that is breathable, but retains moisture. Therefore the suit is waterproof, but provides ventilation, — the developers.

In addition, the suit of armor blocks the radiation in the ultraviolet and infrared spectra, which makes fighter invisible to thermal imaging sight. 

Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences Viktor Korablin believes that such a suit must be a member for a long time in the compulsory equipment of a Russian soldier:

— Shards — primary effects, and protection from, about 90% of the body — a very good indicator. Judging by the performance in "The Warriors" will be implemented to the maximum possible protection today. These costumes have become a mandatory part of the infantry equipment.

However, the Defense Ministry have so far refrained from assessments of prospects for the application of "Warrior" in the army.

— Personal protective equipment is, of course, necessary. Over the next gear, many are now working, and we are eyeing to different samples of products, including foreign — told "Izvestia" the representative of the Army.

He added that on Monday, the Italian study tools armor went zamglavkoma Land Forces Nikolai Bogdanovsky. Thus the representative of the Ministry of Defense said that the requirements on the level of protection for all men are different — what you need sapper, no need to scout and vice versa.

— In any case, the choice will be made only after a full trial, and in favor of samples that meet the highest international standards — said the officer.


JSC "Breastplate" founded in 1990, is today one of the leading national developers and manufacturers of body armor and military equipment for the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Security Service and other security agencies of Russia. 



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