Was accredited by a unique new test station HARP

Kharkov Bearing Plant, one of the largest in the CIS manufacturers of bearing products, part of the Industrial Group UPEC unique laboratory accredited for certification testing of railway bearings.


Investment in the creation of the test station, which began in 2011, amounted to more than 2.5 million EUR.

Certificate of the Federal Service for accreditation of the Russian Federation "Rosakkreditatsiya" issued under the requirements of the Standard ISO / IEC 17025-2009 and NB VT CT-CV-CL 014-2003 "Rolling axle box for railway rolling stock. Safety standards ", valid until July 2017.

The scope of accreditation includes the test:

  • bearings for axle boxes of railway rolling stock and radial roller bearings with short cylindrical rollers on quality parameters of metal heat treatment, the hardness, the depth of the hardened layer surface, macro-and microstructure of rings and rollers, dimensions and clearances, low-temperature toughness and durability of polyamide cages ( resource) bearings;
  • axle box bearings with radial short cylindrical rollers (including twin) and two-row tapered cassette for railway rolling stock in the parameters of the grease and gamma-interest time to failure.

Deputy Director General of UPEC to research and develop dokt.tehn.nauk Edward Simpson focused on the fact that the new test center in a unique position.

"In building stands, we set the task to simulate the operational features of the bearing assembly, typical in the first place, for the space of" 1520 ", — explained E.A.Simson. — This is a high dynamic, axial loads, the distortions caused by the design flexibility carts — in general, about the specifics of the railways of the CIS. Therefore, we have not gone the way of acquiring stands ready — they can not simulate these features. We have gone from design, planning, self-production of the mechanical part of a joint stand up with German companies creating management systems, debugging, running, and implementation. This was accomplished in a short period of time — especially for a company that did not have such an experience. "

"The new test center will reduce the time to check the reliability of the bearing assemblies in comparison with full-scale tests of 3-5, — said the director of the Railway Division of the IG UPEC Vyacheslav Urov. — This will give the opportunity to reduce the cost of research to create new products and all kinds of testing, including certification for HARP. One of the key benefits for us as well is the ability to quickly bring to market new products. And consumers, in addition to increasing the operational reliability of the developed box bearings, it will reduce the cost of their repair and maintenance. "

As previously reported, the test laboratory is part of the Testing Centre HARP already accredited for certification testing of bearings. For the laboratory were made special stands that allow the mandatory qualification tests and bench tests to determine the gamma-interest bearing operating time before failure. Three test stand, equipped with electro-mechanical assemblies loading — a joint development of the department of non-standard equipment and automation of production processes Ukrainian Technological Design Office Bearing Industry (UKTBPP), included in the IG UPEC and the Joint Engineering Center UPEC. Management system and registration options for these stands are developed by Beckhoff (Germany), lubrication and cooling systems made by Hydroma (Czech Republic). Another two of the stand, equipped with hydraulic loading units and the control system of the company Blumenbecker (Germany).

PJSC "Kharkov Bearing Plant" (JSC "HARP"),Founded in 1947, specializes in the production of ball bearings for general industrial use and roller bearings for the railroad industry and transport engineering under the brand name HARP (HARP). Is a leader in the CIS for the production of bearings for selhozmashinostroitelnyh enterprises. Products HARP is also used in the automotive, mining and electrical industry, steel industry. Total produces more than 500 types of bearings. Installed capacity — about 30 million bearings per year. Since 2000, the company operates a quality management system that meets the requirements of international standards ISO-9001/2000.

Net income of the company in 2010 — 648.1 million UAH., Which is 34.2% higher than in 2009. (2009 — 482.9 million USD.). In 2010, the plant recorded a gain of $ 13.9 million USD. (In 2009 — 35.5 million USD.).

JSC "HARP" in 2012 earned a net income of 745.7 million USD. According to the results, the plant recorded a gain of $ 3.1 million USD.

The Industrial Group UPEC(IG UPEC)— One of the largest private Ukrainian company specializing in the engineering business, a manufacturer of components, assemblies and equipment for railway, automotive, agriculture, engineering and metallurgy industries. Among our customers are almost all OEMs in the CIS.

IG UPEC was established in 1995 and now develops as engineering customer-oriented industrial group.

UPEC main areas of activity:

· Production of components for rail and road transport: PJSC "Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP), JSC" Oskol Bearing Plant HARP "(IPF HARP), JSC" Lozovsky Forging-Mechanical Plant "(LKMZ)," Ukrainian Casting company "(ULK );

· Electrical: PJSC "Kharkov Electrotechnical Plant" Ukrelectromash "(HELZ) Special Design Bureau (SDB)" Ukrelectromash ";

· Machine tools: PJSC "Kharkov Machine-Tool Plant" Harverst. ‘"

The Industrial Group UPEC also a number of other businesses. Consolidated gross sales IG UPEC without transfers up to 2012 amounted to 1 629 225 000 UAH.

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