Was holding the Alien



Was holding the Alien

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Shooting fireballs
— First a little demonstration — offers academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences Roman Avramenko. And put on the table a blue plastic box.
In its interior is heard faint whistle. Suddenly, he breaks off. At the same moment the twilight laboratory penetrates a blinding flash. Manages to catch the eye, that of a rectangular "barrel" boxes spokes sees a narrow beam of color plasma arc.
— Can you now tell me that you have seen the prototype "blaster" — the very weapons of the legendary science fiction movie about aliens — so casually says Roman Fedorovich. Then he adds:
— A plasma can "shoot" is not only the wiring, but that kind clots, in fact, artificial ball lightning.
— Impressive — I agree, with interest examining the holes punched in the first fraction of a second in the metal foil and then in a steel blade razor.
It is possible to submit "box and in a different form — with stock and blued socket. Just like in a movie about the fearless leader of the soldiers of the future of Captain Power.
— And you can shoot away?
— Consider that you have not asked about it.
— All right. Then ask about the other what does "blaster" for your discovery?
— The most direct — explains the scientist. — The device two batteries of four and a half volts. And the power of his "shot" 20 kilowatts. This is equivalent to saying that you have connected the anti-aircraft searchlight to the car battery, and he was shining as brightly as from the mobile station. It is not clear? You can think of the comparison and easier. Let's say you have poured into the beaker 200 grams, and poured liter …
Agree, it's not just amazing — weird. The school — that we were taught very differently. The fact that out of the socket, for example, can only take what is there. And by sticking to the network kettle, you can only lose energy. And then out of nowhere who had taken her purchase.
Electronic Electronic strife
It all started with the fact that once fed Avramenka paradoxes, as well as dogmas. A scientist working in NGOs "Vympel" — defense firm, known for its success in electronics, radar and satellite communications. With the mysterious phenomena faces constantly. Naturally, there is a desire to explain. Tried. He found: it is not clear much of that in physics as it is considered to be straightforward.
For example, agreed that the radio waves creates an electromagnetic field. And someone was measuring it? Pomeroy somehow recently. And it turned out that the electrical component of the airwaves … no. And the current in the receiving antenna does not induce electric power, and some others.
Or take the battery. I bet all sure that she is driven by wire electrons. And that's not the case. Electrons are not due to the electric field, and in spite of it.
And with radioactivity, as it turned out, everything is not smooth. In the decay of the nuclei of the energy disappears somewhere. That it is not pricked my eyes, physicists have come up with, well, let's assume that the energy takes a certain elusive neutrinos. At that point we decided to do. But the mysterious particle and in fact turned out to be elusive — its so no one still not caught. Strangely it? The giant fusion reactor — the sun would nasylat them to us clouds. Maybe neutrinos do not? But if not, then what happens to that same part of the vanishing energy?
In the universal scale has long puzzled another — the so-called "dark matter." The problem here here with nothing: all the laws of the galaxy should "weigh" much more than is observed. Otherwise the star may not move as they move. I had to agree that the universe hidden away something that is not visible yet.
So, where does the extra energy, which is lost, where the "missing mass"? Such "strange" questions typed with a good hundred. And with all the Avramenka gives one answer. The universe is not empty, it is filled with waves of electrons. Here lurk the energy and mass, and the many paradoxes of clues.
It is time to begin to doubt in such a simple explanation. But to his credit showed dozens of experiments. These have been tested and verified. Shooting of "blaster" — the most spectacular. There are experiments and modest, but convincing. Braley scientists, for example, a vessel-calorimeter summed energy thereto. And then — nothing: no light, no heat, no sound. Energy was lost. Where to? All in the same ocean of electrons. Miracles …
— No special miracles is not here, — says Avramenko. — First we need to understand that the electron has many faces. This is not necessarily a kind of ball — krohotulechka. It may be wave. And the waves are small, like a ripple in a glass, and big, like a tsunami in the ocean. But bezbrezhen space, so electron wave can reach a universal scale.
You're not surprised that the water is fog, ice, sea … Consider an electron of some complex entity with multiple displays, the nature of which depends on the conditions of observation.
Easy to say. I listened to your feelings, trying to determine whether the fit in the head so unexpected concepts. And it is not defined. And therefore asked a practical question:
— Once we literally swim in the ocean of energy, it is impossible to simultaneously something out of it and the "scoop"?
— It is possible. And the nature of us is constantly demonstrates. For example, bolts of lightning, thunderstorms. Believe me, no friction drops of water on each other is not able to charge the cloud so that the spark of lightning pierced the air thickness of several hundred meters. But that footage? Fixed atmospheric discharges length of 150 kilometers! How is it possible to explain?
Thunderstorms and lightning ball "throws" electronic ocean. Energy from hidden from us in the form of an explicit moves under certain conditions. There is a device that predicts the time and place where these processes. In other words, we are able to predict lightning.
— Predict — it's good. A command?
— But you "blaster" saw. This is an experimental setup kotoraya pokazyvaet that we know how to scoop up the energy of the ocean.
— How's that?
— Let me just say that at a specific combination of ionization and the medium. Then, a channel is formed, a kind of conductor, in which the energy starts to flow. But there are other ways.
Energy from "nothing" seems to have exhausted
The history of technology, as we know, is full of legends about their mysterious and unexplained inventions. Sometimes fate brings and their authors. They always listened with interest, but never taken seriously. Outlandish designs ascribed to move out on one side brains eccentric inventors. The idea that a person accidentally let at random, took a step further than the others, not even arise. Moreover, with the words "perpetual motion" or "energy out of nothing," many glances at the phone, fighting the urge to call emergency psychiatric care. But now there is a discovery that turns upside down preconceived ideas. And should look for wild ideas at first glance more closely.
One of the legends has it that in 1978 in Switzerland was built perpetual motion. A Paul Bauman fashioned it out of scraps of wire, tin cans and other trash in the … the prison workshop. It saw a German professor Stefan Marinov. And he had to admit that the pilot generator, which is an incredible combination of capacitors (cans) drew the current as if "from nothing."
In 1950, the English amateur electrician Sel created a generator, which was based on the rotating magnetized disks. They mercilessly spark, ionized air, emitting ozone, and somehow self-accelerating. And one day, the following happened. During the dispersal of the generator lifted and then pulled away from the motor and self soared to a height of 15 meters. At this strangeness did not stop. The speed of rotation of disks has reached a fantastic value, which originated around the plasma whip, and … generator disappeared in the clouds.
In the U.S. in 1898, the famous Tesla did some machine that gave a high-frequency pulse 20 million volts. Around her, according to witnesses, lightning, glowing ionized environment. But this is not important. Machine mysteriously transferred energy to 30 miles without wires. Where was the receiver, brightly lit light bulb. Then there was built a powerful system for the transfer of energy from the power station at Niagara Falls in Paris. The First World War did not give this work to continue. But in the thirties Tesla seen driving around in a strange car. The one was filmed gasoline engine and electric supplied. And he ate from the "converter", which is claimed inventor, drew energy from "nothing."
In the early twenties, our compatriot cell in Kharkiv told the newspaper that he had discovered "magnetic rays" to transfer energy to a distance. Moreover, building a facility with which the dynamite exploded, located many miles. It is known that these works drew the attention of Lenin. Got angry that the press during the civil war disclose strategic information. And ordered an inventor to Bonch-in Nizhny Novgorod. There are traces of it and lost. And about installing nobody else heard …
— Thanks, Roman F., — I say.
— For what?
I explained. For that, he worked at a major defense firm. Otherwise, who knows when to be still able to "break through" the opening. Most would not have been at all. And continued to be the inventor of poking his finger into the unknown, not knowing they were right or not. Now, another thing — there was a scientific basis for the search.
There are, of course, the danger that "trample" the idea of powerful opponents — nuclear and thermonuclear elite. After all these years, dozens of people were doing everything to prevent develop alternative energy sources. Dared to encroach upon the past and present energy monsters are usually poorly finishing …
But there is hope that oboronnaya roof will protect "whistle blowers" and has a great team of like-minded people will not bury the promising development of the monopolists of science and technology.
The mystery of a "flying saucer"
It is recognized that in time scientists took us ashore bottomless electronic ocean. Mankind has enough to eat the last of their energy barns. And yet, nothing in store nezapaslo but deadly "peaceful atom" and thermonuclear mirage. Consequently, we shall be saved?
. — Already today, says Avramenko — you can begin designing a new type of power plant, is harmless to the environment. Gradually replace their heat, water and nuclear power plants. And in fact, connect to the energy resources of the universe — an inexhaustible and pollution-free.
However, the. Either of us, giving free rein to imagination, is able to provide the benefits of unlimited access to energy. Here and unusual ways of its transmission and electric vehicles, and ships …
— And the spaceships — adds the scientist. — According to our estimates is obtained, which does not necessarily take fuel on board. Interplanetary or interstellar ship may well fly over the waves of electrons, they are the same and pushing.
— Here we come very close to the "flying saucers." They say that you opened the their secret. Really?
— Let's just say we have suggested why they can move silently and with great speed. Of course, provided that the "plates" as there are technical means.
— Do you believe it?
— I just do not deny it. So, in one of the laboratories of the Physico-Technical Institute of the USSR, together with V. Nikolaeva and Mr. Mishin we had some interesting experiences. Braley metal balls ionized environment around them and shoot out a special device at a speed of 2 kilometers per second. It is 7200 kilometers per hour. By all the laws so fast flying object had to create a powerful shock wave. And he did not create. He flew as if it would be nothing hindered. We have found that the plasma sheath around an object to minimize the flow resistance of the ram. We believe that there is not complete without the influence of the electronic ocean.
Well, the findings reinforce the scientific observation of eyewitnesses. Almost all of them reported the plasma membranes that are visible around the UFO. However, the appointment of a plasma cloud, nobody really knew, considering glow just a consequence of the electromagnetic propulsion. And it turns out that this is done on purpose. It is not hard to guess that we can slightly "catch up" for the aliens. Install plasma source while on a plane and fly as fast. And then, suddenly, to the "plates" it comes. Would have to know how "they" can not instantly disappear and reappear? ..
— Do you want the curtain is another paradox? — Smiles Avramenka. — They are in the quantum theory, as you have seen enough. But we base it on her, trying to deal with the electron waves. There are, for example, such a hypothesis: all the items that surround us, and we are with you — it's nothing more than "an area of high concentration of the waves." And it was in this place only because of certain conditions. And suddenly it is possible to create such conditions that this is the "area" focus elsewhere? And we'll instantly find ourselves, say, a million miles from here …
— He joked, is it? — I thought, already saying goodbye. — Although, who knows …
The magazine "Miracles and Adventures."


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