Water transport on the river Amur equipped with GLONASS

The company «Omnicomm Far East" and the group of companies "Amur Shipping Company" announce the completion of the first phase of the project to equip the river fleet of satellite systems GLONASS / GPS monitor and control fuel consumption Omnicomm.

The project monitoring system is equipped with a cargo and passenger transport largest shipping company in the Amur River in the Far Eastern Federal District, part of the Russian timber holding RFP Group. Equipment Omnicomm, involved in the project is approved for use in water transport Russian River Register.

The first phase of the project involves the installation of equipment on the boat 21, in the following systems will be fitted with satellite tracking another 31 riverboat. Also shipping company considers the possibility of installation on ships and vessels of "river-sea".

"Equipping the river and marine systems, satellite tracking and control of fuel flow — one of the investment program, which is implemented in the strategy of the group of companies" Amur Shipping Company. " Renovation of its fleet in terms of cooperation with Omnicomm will optimize the cost of fuel, which today account for about 40% of the total cost of the fleet, "- said General Director of JSC" Amur Shipping Company "Anton heels.

Earlier Omnicomm equipment already equipped with river boats. In 2009-2011, the monitoring systems and fuel analysts were fitted with towing boats and pushers PT-432, PT-600, RP-5, RP-6 and BTM-512 belonging to the company "River port Nefteyugansk" and JSC "Surgut river port . " Alexander Spring, CEO of "GLONASS Omnicomm», injects said that after the installation of the company have data on actual fuel consumption. It is this information has reduced fuel costs, and the payback period of the system was only 1 month.

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