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"You seem to be interested in reincarnation, past-life research. Come to our institute, see what people are talking about their previous incarnations under hypnosis. The conclusions he did. " The proposal appealed to me old friend, who heads the Department of Psychology at one metropolitan university.

In the audience gathered ten people. Sounds meditative music. Students sit in pairs and begin to "warm up" fairly simple techniques by introducing each other in a trance. Then the teacher Valery Guzeev selects one of them, slowly plunges it into hypnosis and offers to go to childhood. The guy is a five year old child, digging in an imaginary sandbox and playing with toy cars. "Now, Roman, you are tolerated far back, in one of her past lives — said Valery. — The surrounding you mist clears, the picture becomes clear. You're standing on the ground and look around. So, what do you see? "

Roman says: "We are on the hill. We came from the east and are now looking to the village at the bottom. Behind me three more, we scouts. Dressed in a linen shirt. We should all remember here. " — "Okay, now you are transferred to the day ahead. What's going on? "-" Early morning. We surround the settlement and set fire to the house. All the lights, about the massacre. " It is a terrible story about how the romance with fellow tribesmen kill local residents and survivors withdrawn and put on his knees. "What do you say to each other during the fight? The sound of your voice? "Hypnotized person suddenly becomes distorted with anger. He waves his arms, "Krishnavati Turdi mano! Kisyn avaim! Shitarev! Abyden issyn! Dushti, dushti kanin! "He is asked to translate. "Traversing the right! Set it out the wrong house! Slay's it! Beware, boom! "

After Roman in hypnosis in turn immersed other students. Yuri tells how he, as a dark-skinned savage, watching the eruption of the volcano and very scared. Elena is herself a servant at the court of Catherine. Igor is a Frenchman fighting in the army of Napoleon. Sergey — a teenager named Kuatal from some South American tribe. First he tries to fly with the help of constructing his wings, and then together with the parents coming to town Machupikchu sell tacos.

At the request of Valery Igor "tolerated" in time to come. He says he sees himself as some kind of a loop, which is a tremendous speed rushes to the Earth, then gets into a room where a man and a woman making love: "We have a few in this room. We expect and hope that this pair will succeed. But will only be able to incarnate one of us … That's me twists and pulls energy funnel somewhere. I feel in the world. " Next follows a description of genera. When making your first breath, Igor cries like a baby.

After the class … when we were alone, Valerie admitted that during years of practice he had a chance to listen to hundreds of stories about the previous incarnations: "They look pretty stereotypical. Therefore, many are skeptical that you can explore the human incarnation with hypnosis — blamed on the imagination. But stories are cases where some stories are verified and confirmed. For example, we ordered linguists examination of those "dialects" spoken by the students under hypnosis. And they found the similarities between the words unfamiliar to us and the relevant ancient languages. "

In fact, the impression of such a "session" ambivalent. On the one hand, what is not talked too much under hypnosis. On the other — so I want to believe that this life is not the last.

By the way
The belief in reincarnation is fixed in many religions and to the VI. was fundamental to Christianity. Immersing a person in previous incarnations, it is possible to treat some of his current illness. Evidence to support reincarnation, abound. Here is one of them. 5-year-old Indian boy Titus said he Suresh Varma, a shop owner in the city of Agra. His wife's name is Uma, and they have two children. Titus said that he was killed as he was returning from work — was shot in the head. Parents said they went to the place and found that really five years ago, the head of the family was killed. The boy even learned their loved ones. And where the bullet entered, he had a birthmark.


Arguments and Facts 2 (1211), 2004

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