We CDBMB Donets have a portfolio of orders from the U.S. and South Korea by nearly 5 million USD

 Photo source:ukranews.com

Luganchane sold the U.S. unit for growing sapphire weighing up to 60 kg

The State Enterprise "Central Design Bureau of Machine Building" Donets "(Lugansk) has completed the execution of a contract to supply equipment for the cultivation of large sapphire crystal with an American company" Rubicon ". Its cost — $ 1.8 million

Over the past year, "Donets" delivered to the U.S. special technological equipment for growing single crystals of sapphire valued at more than $ 3.2 million, and in China — in the amount of $ 218 thousand

Most of its business, enter into contracts with foreign partners, this year has already signed contracts for the supply of products to the United States and South Korea, their total amount — nearly $ 5 million so that the company believe that in 2011, compared with 2010 production increase of at least 2.4 times.

As part of the orders the company has designed a year on average, 5 types of unique world-class equipment for growing single crystals of sapphire, silicon carbide, silicon and other crystals.

In addition, CDBMB "Donets" deals with the synthesis of compound semiconductor, development of equipment for epitaksicheskogo growing layers of semiconductor materials for the building of the dielectric and insulating coatings.

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