We Komova — silver in all-around, Mustafina won the bronze medal

Victoria Komova finished second in the women’s all-around at the 2012 Olympics, the bronze medal was won by another representative of Russia — Aliya Mustafina. American Gold took Gabriel Douglas. The result of the winner — 62.232, Komova amount in error when landing on the vault and a loser in this kind of rival of 0.5 points — 61.973.

Earlier, Komova and Mustafina she won silver medals in the team competition. In the all-around 17-year-old Russian gymnast brought the fifth and seventh silver bronze medals in London 2012, also in the asset team — three gold.

London (UK) Olympics Women Around

1. Douglas (USA) — 62.232 points 2. Komova (Russia) — 61.973 3. MUSTAFINA (Russia) — 59.566 4. Reisman (USA) — 59.566.


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