We propose new technological solutions for the manufacture of cargo tanks of gas carriers

In 2012, experts FSUE "Krylovskiy State Scientific Center" commissioned by Industry and Trade of Russia within the framework of the Federal Program "Development of Civil Marine Engineering" for 2009-2016 made efforts aimed at the study and analysis of existing designs, materials and technologies used for the manufacture of cargo tanks of ships gas carriers, with the development and justification of alternative design and technological solutions.

The works are made with the active participation of the following collaborators:

  • JSC "SSTC";
  • Ltd. PKB "Petrobalt."

The specialists were tasked to implement a new technical study of membrane tanks for ships carrying LNG in the Arctic. Had to take into account the load exerted on the hull of a ship, moving through ice. In addition, it was necessary to solve the problem of reducing the strength and reliability in the investigation sloshinga (vibrations of the liquid surface in the tank), which is relevant for the existing types of membrane tanks. As a result, solutions of these problems has been proposed to perform the primary hermetic barrier cargo tank in the form of a corrugated plate where the corrugations must have a wavy shape, the peaks and troughs and wave shape of the zigzag form. Corrugated sheets are interconnected in a staggered manner by means of welding (preferably overlapping). Primary hermetic barrier is used in combination with the thermal protection of the polymer composite material. Secondary airtight layer while out in the form of aluminum foil, fiberglass obformovannoy. Second insulating layer formed in combination with glass-foam and contains elements for fixing the layer to the hull. The patent for the invention of the "Membrane cargo container transportation and storage of liquefied natural gas, and developed a secret (know-how):" Technology of formation of membrane components independent cargo tanks of the vessel for the transport of liquefied natural gas. "As stated in the official release KGNTS, economic the effect of the use of technology will be provided to reduce the tensions of the primary elements of the hermetic barrier, enhancing the reliability of the membrane cargo tanks, as well as decrease the likelihood of violation of its integrity. proposed solution meets the essential global trends regarding the creation of membrane tanks, while providing a high level of strength and container constructions reliability compared to known prototypes.

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