We want to protect our children from this information

Vladimir Putin has asked European countries not to interfere in the internal politics of Russia in matters relating to the organizations financed from abroad, and a ban on gay propaganda. The Head of State said at a news conference during a visit to Finland.

Putin explained to reporters that with the Russian NGO law wants to protect their political activities from outside interference. The President noted that similar laws apply in the United States and India — with the only difference being that the Russian law is more liberal.

Commenting on the law on gay propaganda, Putin stressed that it it is not imposing any sanctions for homosexuality. "It’s about how to protect children from the relevant information," — said the President.

Putin pointed out that in some European countries, including Finland, the company sees no reason for such limitations. He noted that Russia has nothing against this view in Finland, but asked not to impose its Russian. "Please do not interfere in our control," — said the head of state.

At the same time Putin believes that it makes sense to listen to criticism of these laws, which sounds from foreign human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch. "It is an opportunity to analyze the situation and draw some conclusions", — concluded Putin.

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