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After 11 years, the land may be in danger. As the scientists say, is straight ahead to the blue planet moves a giant asteroid QQ 47, capable of a few days to turn the cradle of mankind in the ruins of the dead.

According to the UK-based observations of near-Earth objects, the asteroid is moving at great speed — about 36 kilometers per second. Its diameter — 1.2 kilometers. This is an order of magnitude smaller than the size of the asteroid, which, according to one theory, has caused the death of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. "But that is enough to destroy all life on the whole continent" — warns a leading expert in the study of the motion of objects, Michael Crone. The scientists added, however, that the probability of an asteroid collision with the earth is no more than one chance in a million (according to other sources — even at ten million). "But observing this celestial body must be continued" — say they are.

— Dimensions asteroid threat should not be underestimated, — the head of the department of celestial mechanics State Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Nikolay Emelyanov. — In addition to the death of the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period, it is attributed to an asteroid "guilt" for the destruction of the legendary Atlantis about 13,500 years ago. Apparently, the effects of the fall of the giant body of a truly terrible dust, lifted the blast, covers the sun, the temperature on the surface of the planet is becoming unbearably hot, sharply increased radiation, and all living things inevitably dies.

Over the past five years, astronomers working in the framework of the international program "Spaceguard," managed to find about 650 asteroids that are within the so-called "dangerously close". According to preliminary calculations, none of them threatens the Earth collision. However, it is — but a speck in the ocean of space objects, of which we know nothing. Especially dangerous in the sense of a comet, the approach that we tend to learn only at a time when nothing can not be done.

According to the latest scientific data, it is such a comet was the Tunguska phenomenon that occurred more than a hundred years ago. Fortunately, a considerable force explosion occurred in a fall in uninhabited areas, but the blast wave has come to Japan and the UK, the land was scorched for many hundreds of kilometers, and the trees in the area of disaster does not grow so far. It is possible icy comet and was "heavenly visitor" landed last fall in Bodaibo district of the Irkutsk region.

— On the eve of 2001, the U.S. astronomers say the dangerous approximation of two large lumps of heaven — like Emelyanov. — They belonged to the class of minor planets and were "notch" in just a few months before a possible "docking" with the Earth. Asteroids swept past in February 2001, one at a distance of 890,000, the other — 585,000 miles away from us and significant effect on life on earth did not have. However, the increased volcanic activity and changed the picture of tides, many people feel ill. But that being said, "flowers". It could be much worse …

In the next few months, scientists plan to conduct observations and calculations of possible trajectories "stone killer." If all goes unfavorably, they recommend the use of technology explosion at a considerable distance from Earth: the missile with a nuclear charge is introduced in the approaching object is introduced into the depths, explodes — and the stranger passes by. Approximately the "space show" was conceived in the American disaster movie "Apocalypse". Only there is a little arrow missed, the asteroid was split in half, and one piece that is smaller, yet down to earth, destroying several countries. This, it turns out, it can actually happen. So there is hope for the correctness of calculations and fortune.
Natalia Leskov

On the face of impossible 25 (330), 2003

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