Weather Service confirmed the occurrence of a tornado in Pennsylvania

Weather Service confirmed the occurrence of a tornado in Pennsylvania Natural Disasters

U.S. National Weather Service confirmed that near Fern Glen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there was a tornado. Affected area was about 25 km long and 185 m wide on the line between the areas and Dryumor Peredays District. Destruction were fragmented, as a tornado then rose up, then fell back closer to the ground.

Wind force inside the funnel reached 160-176 km / h, and the tornado was given the status of EF-1. Wind knocked out of the crater one of the pavilions in the park Peredays, where at that time was a baseball game. As a result, 15 people who were there, received various injuries. The wind affected some 50 buildings in the park, including the outbuildings. According to estimates of the staff of the park, the tornado knocked about 2-3 thousand trees.

The wind hit two small transformer pillar in Buck, despite the fact that it was built just for the technology, which protects from the effects of such constructions of heavy snow or wind. Event forced about 30,000 people some time to be without electricity.

Ironically, witnesses tornado almost was not. Specialists explained by the fact that the very fine funnel covered a rain. His role was the fact that the events took place in the dark. Yet, based on data on the nature of damage, meteorologists assure us that there was a tornado in Lancaster. The District estimates the damage at 3-5 million.

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