Web elections migrated to the Russian sights

Surveillance system "Web elections" migrated to the Russian sights and famous architectural ensembles. This week in the telecommunications exhibition "Communication-Expocom"  was opened with cameras broadcasting the most beautiful and famous places Russia. For example, you can now see the sculpture online Motherland and Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd, rocket and space museum "East" in Kaluga, Tula Kremlin, the Cathedral of Bryansk, the memorial "Kursk" Central Mosque "Heart of Chechnya" in Grozny. Thus, walking with the camera on the camera, you can visit the whole of Russia.


The project involves only 277 chambers of nearly 200,000 that were used to organize broadcasts from polling stations during the presidential elections in Russia March 4, 2012. According to representatives of "Rostelecom" cameras covering all federal districts, and all regions of Russia


To view video broadcasts user needs to register or log in with an account in one of the most popular social networking sites, of which there is almost ten. The site was a possibility to add an object to your favorites are interested. The appearance of the portal also has not changed.

Previously, translation will work to close the exhibition "Communication-Expocom" on May 17. However, in "Rostelecom" said that the project will continue to work after the end of the show, if will win popularity among Internet users. [/ Cut]

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