Welcome back

FC "Rostov", which had a terrific season in the first division, returned to the top division. Although it was clear long ago, today, the club issued a ticket up officially. After 37 matches and "growth" shows phenomenal results — 26 wins, two losses. Today was another triumph has been achieved through — not in the simplest home game for myself, "Rostov" beat "Alan". "Alania" now ranks eighth in the standings and fenced off, so on and seething depths of the relegation zone, and from getting into the Premier League. Theoretically, "Alania" can still fly, but that stars have come together unimaginable way. So for both teams the match was important only formally — for the "growth" in terms of the likely psychological, and for "Alan" just in terms of prestige. [Cut] The first goal of the match was scored in the 39th minute — scored relatively young striker "growth" Mersudin Akhmetovich. Aspen, which up to this point abundantly terrorized penalty opponent eaves, again hung from the left flank, the goalkeeper, "Alan" wrong output, resulting in the ball and got to Mersudin. And two minutes later, the guests were vdesyatirom — base received a second yellow and off the field. The first card he had received a first, second — for a free kick without a whistle. During the break, it was obvious what mood for this match came fans of "growth." Recall that in the last match of the club could secure the first place, but KAMAZ was not so easy to beat yourself and not given. Today, the tribunes were clearly convinced that remarkable event must occur exactly in the game with "Alan", procured even sparklers. In general, the city was waiting for victory. And waited. But first, had little Rostov poperezhivat. At 50 minutes into the Dadu used to crush the penalty and scored a goal. The minute the hosts needed to answer — Dmitry Akimov has demonstrated his ability to hit from a distance. After another two minutes Akhmetovich scored twice. The match developed just amazing — in the 57th minute of the match was fixed another take — this time to take Dadu. Goalkeeper allow the player to "Alan" to strike from 15 yards just a corner of the goal. After another 15 minutes, the visitors almost leveled the score, but Anderson did not have some centimeters. The match ended in a 3-2, which means the title of "growth" in the first division. Of the matches that have something solved, you can mark the defeat of the "Volga" at a party unhappy "Stars." Only 2 points now separate the "Volga" departure from the border, in the remaining five rounds, the club will have a chance to stay in the first division. Although the "Torpedo" and "Salyut-Energia" also won their matches, and further the fight for a place in the first division will be exactly honey these three teams.

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