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For those who still believe in the fairy tale of the "civilized West", we offer a small but true story about the life of one of its northern territories — in Sweden. We have time to grow up and get rid of illusions imposed by "neighbors" …

In the post-Soviet republics is widely believed about the West as the only heavenly place on earth. This belief is embodied in various forms, ranging from a dream "to see Paris — and die," the desire of parents to send their children to get an education abroad or to stay in a foreign families.

The desire to make the lives of their kids better — quite logically justified, if not a "but." According to numerous personal observations, the majority of mothers and fathers are guided by purely mercenary considerations unreasonably Tesha their ambitions. As they say, "what did not work for me, be sure to get abroad with a son or daughter who will provide not only themselves, but I relaxed and secure old age." However, they have absolutely no clue about the mechanism of inter-state and social hierarchy in the West or the peculiarities of history, culture, traditions and trends of European nations.

Have you ever wondered why the children of our wealthy citizens who receive "elite" education abroad, return to parental wing? Of course, the lack of brains and desire to spin like a squirrel in a wheel, play an important role, but they are not determinative. For example, a graduate of the Faculty of Communication of the University of Arkansas is not guaranteed a job in the U.S. media. The main reason — not the level of the university. But diplomas School of Journalism at Columbia University and the College of Journalism F. Merrill Merilendskogo University are given the chance to make a career in this field, but it's completely different money. Do you want to engage in the U.S. and Europe, research in the field of hydrography in exchange for good money? No problem, but only after the end of … the University of Technology Malaysia.

Unfortunately, in the West, even the existence of the "right" of a diploma is not a prerequisite for career growth and financial security. Recently surprised to learn that one of my friends, with whom he studied at the Moscow State Linguistic University after graduating from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Berlin University. Humboldt was unable to get a job at a travel agency he received a degree. He was told in plain language: "Yes, you are a brilliant command of German and Russian, but the high-paying position is designed for the Germans." As the saying goes, "in comments».

But what about the policy of tolerance, which is so often say human rights activists

Yes, it is on paper, but in reality nothing of cultural "melting pot" no. The problem is that Europeans think that their manners, tastes, beliefs, social relationships, in other words what is called the "stereotype of behavior," the only possible and correct.

"Variance" in other countries are considered by them as "savagery", the result of a low level of development of the peoples inhabiting them. But in this case it even possible to find his way in a foreign country? Yes, of course, but this requires leveling complex traits by which people define as others, unconditional acceptance of life of the country and actually becoming a second-class person. Some cope with it brilliantly, losing his own "I". Others experience culture shock, confined to themselves and their own ethnic group.

Many, realizing his mistake, returned home (most of these people, however, the word is written with a lowercase letter). There are also instances did not understand anything that continues to languish (not just by the standards of the Europeans) who sincerely believe that they are lucky. In any case, hardly anyone of the citizens to see the back side of the "prosperous" Europe, openly talks about it (this is natural, since no one has any desire to admit that it just "thrown, lit a sucker").

As a result — the existence in our society a huge amount of light myths about living in France, Italy, UK, etc.

It should be noted that at the mention of the name of any country in the mind emerges a number of positive, negative and neutral images that are embodied in various forms psycholinguistic. Thus, Belarusians and Russians are not subject to a chain of Sweden decoding (decoding)-cliche phrases, phrases and names, "Peter the Great beat the Swedes at Poltava", "Swedish socialism", "Swedish family", "buffet", "pop group ABBA ", etc. That is, the point is that, for example, the question about the causes of the war between Russia and Sweden at the beginning of the XVIII century, or about the nature of the family in this country, the majority of our citizens (regardless of their educational level) will give very vague answers.

Sweden — a peaceful state

"A priori», it can be said of any other country. But Belarusians do not forget the price they paid for the chauvinism of Swedes who fought with Poland, Muscovy and the Russian Empire, as well as the ambitions of the elite of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL) — their allies. For example, in 1576 the Swedish troops looted and burned birch bark. In 1655, representatives of the Catholic clergy and gentry ON signed Kaidan union, envisaging autonomy under the protection of the Principality of Sweden. The initiator of this step were Calvinists Boguslaw and Janusz Radziwill. The work of the latter was appreciated — the Order "The Name of Jesus."

During the Great Northern War (1700-1721 gg.) Belarus suffered severe population losses — in combat, from violence, hunger, disease killed about 1 million people. The Swedes burned Belarusian cities, villages pillaged, killed and hanged civilians. King Charles XII, whose active allies in the Grand Duchy had such tycoons as Patsy, Czartoryskis, Vyshnevets'ke, Radziwill, demanded that his soldiers "did not spare anyone, even children in their cradles." Hundreds of settlements were in ruins. Only in the 1706 Swedish army destroyed Korelichi, World, looted Nowogrodek, Slonim, Kleck, Sluck, Pinsk, Kobryn, took Lyakhovichi Shults. About 70% of acreage ON been abandoned.

Sweden — a neutral state

That's right, but to be more precise, it is not yet belligerent state that allows it to trade with any party to the conflict. In World War I Germany, Sweden actively credited with supplying raw materials to the German plants. This country has become one of the main economic pillars Third Reich. Only in 1943 from 10.8 million tonnes of iron ore was sent to the Nazis 10.3 million without Sweden there would be no tank armadas Wehrmacht.

It is widely known that production in 1944 in Germany, self-propelled guns exceeded issue tanks. But few people know that the main reason for this situation was the sharp decline in the supply of Sweden (Soviet submarines sank Swedish effectively transports floating in German ports), rare earth elements, which are used in the manufacture of parts slewing tower. Sweden has not stopped deliveries under contracts even after it became aware of the facts of mass extermination of Jews by the Nazis in the Soviet Union and Poland. Good money on the Stockholm and U.S. wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan.

In Sweden, a high level of social security

This point is closely related to the previous one. The fact that Sweden, while remaining within the framework of the world system of division of labor, bases its prosperity on wars and conflicts, not participating in them directly.

In our opinion, everyone should have the freedom to choose to live and die in the country, of which he is worthy. The solution must be based on data that reflect real, not illusory things. For this reason, and in order to provide the reader an opportunity to check the data itself, the further presentation of the material on some aspects of the history of Sweden and the Swedes life will be presented in the form of a critique of the widely spread thesis, based on which, strictly speaking, is formed by the myth of socialism in single country.

One of the main conditions of such an existence is the stability of the society by providing citizens a high standard of living and social protection. But this can not last forever — do not have enough resources. Strictly speaking, there is a lack of them now.

Rents (in Sweden, virtually no one has its cooperative or redeemed from the state apartments), is growing rapidly. Now more than 40% of the salary Swedes spend on housing and utilities. Taxes account for 60% of gross wages (this makes it impossible to provide high income families, if only one person works). Benefits to pay housing for low-income citizens, benefits for children and the disabled are trimmed so they look a mockery of the government.

In the field of social and health services eliminated more than 250 thousand jobs. The first three days of their stay in the sick leave is not paid, the rest are compensated by 75%. Pensions fell from 65 to 50% of the previous salary. In addition, Sweden is aging rapidly. The average life expectancy for men is 78 years, women — 83. The share of the population aged 80 and older has reached its highest level among the EU Member States — 5.3%. Of the 9.3 million 18% of Sweden's population — over 65 years. Experts predict that by 2030 their share will increase to 23%. In this regard, February 9, 2012 in Stockholm at the Forum on the Nordic Prime Minister F. Reinfeldt said the need to raise the retirement age to 75 years.

Sweden — a country of Christian morality

Most Swedes (6.9 million or 75.6% of the population) are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which until 2000 was a state. The church in Sweden, to put it mildly, very specific. She is the first among the Christian churches, which refused to recognize homosexuality as a sin (the decision of the Church Council of 2005). November 8, 2009 became bishop of Stockholm's open lesbian Eva Brunne (her ordination ceremony took place in Uppsala Cathedral). By the way, over 70% of the population supports the "pink and blue" policy of the Church, and according to the Swedish Association for Sexual Equality, more than 40 million children have parents (or one parent) — not traditional orientation. As the saying goes, "like priest, and a parish."

Controversial event was the exhibition of the photographer Elizabeth Olsen, depicting Christ and his apostles homosexuals. No less shocked world public report about the opening in 2010 of a kindergarten in Stockholm, where the employees in dealing with the kids instead of pronouns «han» («he») and «hon» («it") used the word «hen», which is absent in Swedish but is used actively by representatives of sexual minorities. This was done as a journalist was explained, in order to wean children from "gender stereotypes." Recently, the Swedish Parliament adopted the Law "On the artificial insemination lesbian couples" at the expense of the state. According to experts, such a policy leads to the degradation of the family, which is already falling apart like a house of cards.

Family values above all in Sweden

What kind of family values can be discussed if 60% of children are born out of wedlock, and 20% had one parent? Young people prefer to live in a civil union (sambo — when couples living together, serbo — separately). The number of registrants annually 38 thousand institutionalized relations — 31 thousand divorces. On average, behind each of the couple's three marriages, which means that a child has a huge number of relatives and a few parents. The government even funded the study, which should prove a positive influence on the children of this type of relationship. They say, "going after another divorce from one parent to another, children gain experience and the experience of social relations, which is useful to them in their adult life."

Swedish society tolerant

Of course, no one beats the Swedish citizens in the face of black leather. But, if in the early 50's. XX century 99% of the population were native Swedes, today 25% — immigrants (Turks, Moroccans, Yugoslavs), in which "social guarantees" does not spread. One out of four came to being a child is not an ethnic Swede. By the way, Sweden has a significant number of neo-Nazi organizations. There are illegal, such as "White Aryan Resistance". There are official, in particular, the Sweden Democrats have received in the 2010 parliamentary elections, 20 seats (5.7% of the vote). Since the processes of intercultural communication are universal, then God knows what will happen in 10 years.

In light of the foregoing, it is clear that any criticism of the Belarusian authorities to international human rights organizations, especially the «Civil Rights Defenders» (Sweden), should arouse our countrymen, at least, perplexing. As we know "in Rome do as the Romans do." History of the Belarusian statehood is not like the Swedish, has for many centuries, has had its ups and downs. But the Belarusians have maintained their uniqueness, faithful Christian morals and ethics, their culture, language and traditions. They do not impose their views, willing to listen to criticism, but reasoned and based on nothing.


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