West today: Great degeneration

For sotsiopatologii important (as opposed to psychopathology) are not taken separately thoughts, decisions and actions of the geeks, and the ratio of mass to them. It is clear that some geeks were at all times and among all peoples. The existence of the drug, the cannibals, possessed nothing has been said about the qualities of the society in which they live. As the saying goes, every family has its black sheep. Much more important is the mass reaction to the behavior of the geeks: a tolerant society to degeneratizmu, ie Whether it manifests sotsioimunny deficit by equalizing the pathology of the norm? Or actively effectively combats degeneration? Or, on the contrary, the top of society becomes a conductor of infection, promotes and enforces degenerative behavior?

The most favorable environment "broth" was formed for the geeks in the modern West. Here are just a few examples of how society cherishes geeks, degenerates, instead of beginning and hard to stop their "self-expression".

Two Dutch TV hosts ate chunks of each other's live telecast Dutch channel BNN. Before that, the surgeon removed a piece of the body at each of them, then the meat was fried and eaten. — According to the British newspaper Daily Mail. Showmen Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno did the trick in the program "Guinea pigs» (Proefkonijnen), in which the leading, according to Daily Mail «violate a variety of taboos and do strange things." That is, they did a whole program for the destruction of human regulatory adequacy.

Degenerates ate meat in front of people in the studio audience and then stated that human flesh is nothing special, and that they did not regret his actions. However, they refused to characterize the taste of meat eaten.

TV presenters insist that the event was legal, since they both voluntarily went to cannibalism. They (the media served almost as a hero-innovators) have also stated that this act of cannibalism does not threaten their health, as well as the meat was underdone.

Dutch society reacted calmly to this prank, because it is not out of the ordinary for advanced experiments in the globalist country. Who scare cannibalism in obschesvte where long operating mobile stations euthanasia.

"My family saw the story on the" Euronews "in which young Dutch happily and cheerfully reported that if anything — be sure to choose for themselves euthanasia that old age will not live, it makes no sense" — says one of us ordinary readers. — "… The nurse, in a somewhat subdued and not very happy in their work, telling how she killed a day of sick or elderly, but does not want to talk to your child about the kind of work … Revealed and euthanasia in the air: the old lady sitting in the high pillows, drink a little poison, filed eftanazershey, and quietly goes to another world, and the elderly eftanazersha smiles benevolently, with a fake smile, with a mixture of hypocrisy and cruelty nevroyatnoy … 

But the most striking story of a quiet family dinner, "farewell dinner", has long been described in the literature about the plans globalizators, during which the old men drink offered their children poison and die at the hands of the right of children not to "burden them financially." 50-year-old woman with bulging eyes blank talks about his impressions from yesterday's "farewell dinner", during which she had killed their parents, "This is so unusual, so exciting!" — He'd just received an adventure, thrill, and not done abominable of crimes … "

In Dutch reality TV show "Big donor" three main characters live fought for the right to receive a kidney terminally ill woman. BBC TV channel CNN (BNN) played the human life in the air. According to the script shows its main character, a terminally ill Lissa was willing to give a kidney to one of three candidates. For the three patients who were the real show, donor search is really a matter of life and death. But here they were deceived, to the laughter of the hall: Lissa fatally ill at the end of the show turned out to be an actress Leoni.

Television viewers who voted by SMS, advising someone to leave their three lives, do it with pleasure, and three times completely changed their preferences.

Renowned child psychologist and a prominent publicist I.Medvedeva shared with our readers his impressions of the views of the social norms and perceptions in advertising (!) The collection of the Dutch branch of the international organization "Doctors without Borders" — a glossy book "Harm reduction".

"In Merseyside mother organized a group of drug users using syringe exchange program. Late at night, when the exchange does not work, consumers can come home to these women and get them "emergency package", which usually consists of a needle and syringe, injecting equipment and condoms. Program staff encourage clients to use drugs not injectors (smoke, smell, etc.), but their advice does not bear any moral tone.

In collaboration with pharmacists clinic cure drug addiction in Merseyside developed heroin, cocaine, methadone and cigarettes in order to try to switch to injecting them. "

But the idyllic story of journalist of the other similar groups: "In this group, all working as equals. They walk through the park, where all sorts of people walking around, some of them — drug users, and some — ordinary people who came to the park to take a walk with the dog or chatting on a bench with friends. I joined the group, and we carefully cleaned the park in search of syringes discarded in the bushes. A woman with whom I had pre-arranged a meeting, warned me that I did not dress sandals or sandals … I understood why she said that when we went to his knees in the grass in search of used syringes. We stopped at the playground, where syringes regularly collects a park ranger and stores them in advance "Mobile tools." Then we moved to another part of the park and saw a young man, 20 years old, who asked us for condoms. He rummaged in his bag and picked their favorite condom. "

The final sketch, "walk past small groups of young people, something snooping and transmit to each other a small paper bag. Not far from them are fruit vendors, the man plays with her child. I'm heading in the direction of Lexington and then see how the other side of the street priparkovyvaetsya red minivan, walked out two men and a woman. They open the rear door and take out a folding table, a container for used needles and some other boxes. As long as they are laid out all around them people are going. "

If you are tired of Holland — fast forward to a prosperous Sweden. For many years, we were advised to learn from the Swedes and build a "Swedish socialism" instead of ours, was said to have a lab. But every Russian who will live in Sweden longer and look at it from the inside, is truly frightening. 

Here is an example of a purely school. Swedish course on "Modern Family." The first lesson that is taught by teachers, the story of a family that lived in a "civil" marriage (in Swedish "Sambo", even invented a special word!). In this family, had children and left. Now they have other partners, and children too mess that is called "modern Swedish family." But this is only the beginning. Furthermore, interviews with the father-homosexual, who, along with her mother, a lesbian artificially conceived a child and now it brings up.

Son lives one week with my dad, and one week with their mothers — Anna and Lisa. For the son of this is natural. But sometimes he says he wants them to live together, four of them: a son, Ivan, his father Ula, the mother of Anna and Lisa. But then the father explains to his son that his mother and Lisa are in love and they want to live in his own apartment. Therefore, they continue to live: my mother's father's house and home.

Then an article about when gay men and lesbians have rights in Sweden and they were officially permitted to adopt children like any marriage, etc. Give information where you can read about more Internet address. Next put the scale of growth of gay and lesbian marriages. All of this is adjacent to the text about how bad when a woman should get married, have children, raise them and take care of her husband, of all the relatives. And in Sweden, now everything has changed for the better: do not live with a man, if you do not love him, the rights of women and men are equal, and social status does not depend on whether you are married or divorced … then there is a big article about how children communicate their parents. Further describes the old men who have lived a very hard life together with each other and having lots of children.

But do not think that the West — it's just a madhouse without doctors, in which everyone does whatever he came into our heads. This is wrong and inexcusable simplifying business look. When Western authorities feel they fit — they interfere with the element of "self-expression" subjects, and sometimes rude to fearlessness. Although sodomy is allowed in England, and punish employers for discrimination sodomites at work, at the same time wearing a crucifix in England PROHIBITED BY LAW. [1] And in 2008, in England, from the school vocabulary have been removed all the words associated with Christianity! [2]. So, in the West prohibit the public display of the Christian cross and the words, but it is quite tolerable to the public display of children's skulls as a "modern art."

"Damien Hirst (Damien Hirst), one of the most successful and expensive living artist, encrusted skull newborn baby eight thousand colorless and pink diamonds and called this work "for God's sake" (For Heaven's Sake), RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Daily Telegraph. In 2007, Hurst, whose death is the central theme of the entire work, are already imposing public diamond skull adult. The product of "For the Love of the Lord» (For the Love of God), decorated with 8601 diamonds, was estimated at $ 100 million, it is currently owned by a consortium of investors that includes Hearst himself, his manager Frank Dunphy and Ukrainian philanthropist Victor Pinchuk. Of London diamond skull first left in December of last year: before any museum in the world could not cover the cost of his insurance.


Hurst argues that the idea of human skull inlaid he came under the influence of art of the ancient Aztecs. "… And the diamonds — that is perfection, clarity, wealth, sex, death, and immortality. They symbolize eternity, "- says vyrozhdenets that gets millions (from the elite of Western society) for publicly worthless hooliganism and desecration of the corpses, actually (yet) prohibited by law. If it is not Satanism — then tell me what Satanism …


[1] The British government in 2009 announced suddenly that employers have the right to prohibit employees under threat of dismissal openly wearing a pectoral cross. It all started with a case of Christians, who have banned the wearing of the cross under the threat of dismissal. English court sided with the employers.

[2] In the United Kingdom from the school vocabulary «Junior Dictionary», which should serve to expand the vocabulary of students, removed words associated with Christianity. Gone, for example, the word "abbey", "bishop", "chapel", "empire" and "monarch". But there were "blog", "celebrity" and "broadband". "Christianity gave meaning to our civilization for two millennia. Strange then assume that related concepts are unimportant and can be replaced by others, "- said prof. Alan Smithers, director of education and employment at Buckingham University. — "Selection of words is very interesting to show how children are losing touch with the spiritual and the natural world, moving into the world, that we are doing information technology." Disappeared from the vocabulary — mostly since 2003 the word "saint" all bibleizmy (eg, "sycamore"), the words "altar, the pulpit, the vicar, the duke, sin decade, the devil, the coronation, christenings, carol (carol) , monastery, monk, nun, a novice, a chapel, the parish (the church), a psalm, a bench (at the church), the servant. "

Author: Sergey Elm specifically for EIM


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