What, how and why to eat yoga?




To improve his failing health after the excesses of Christmas, it's time to move on with some clever power system, such as yoga. Do not be afraid — to torment himself to death or go to the exotic food does not have to.

About food yogis do a lot of walking myths.

They are something we're going to debunk …

Myth number 1
All of them — vegetarians …

Nothing of the sort! Although a Hindu, of course, the meat of the sacred cows have never have become. Another thing — Yogi-European. The menu — meat, fish, and eggs. And there is no contradiction with the philosophy of yoga is not here, it teaches that the diet should be tailored to geography and climate. The further north you live, the more necessary animal protein. However, overuse of meat — no, no. It is rather a food supplement than its base.

Do yoga at all on what kind of food there is no ban. But there is a preference — milk, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cheese. Culinary delights as yoga to the bulb. The concept is simple — in the area of food, too. Simple bulb will give odds to any delicacy. That is why the onion, garlic and lemon — the attribute of daily yogic diet.

Myth number 2
They have a very difficult diet

No special diets yogi does not stick. It is generally on the food "not notch." Bites than God sent. And this gift of God will not spoil — no cooking or frying. Is at hand carrots and cabbage — planed raw salad. Raw vegetables and fruits for yoga — primary source of life-giving energy. This energy is called prana in yoga, and anything to do with Kcal she has not. The yogi knows that the rich Russian salad — just a champion in kilocalories. A vegetable, especially green — parsley, dill, pepper, — the body does not add weight, and life energy.

But the feast of fruit for dessert — a bad taste. Apple or orange yogi some snack between meals: it is believed that the fruits are used for cleaning the body. Otherwise, the minimum and maximum digestibility of colitis.

And more. Animal fats have a decent yoga is not honored. The kitchen is a place of honor is occupied vegetable oils. In them — the polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are so useful in the body and contribute to the ease of mind and mood.

Myth number 3
Fast and do not take pleasure from eating

This is exactly eat a little yoga. First of all, it is their basic principle: nothing get fed up! Fill the stomach, in accordance with the rule of four quarters. Two quarters — solid food, one quarter — the liquid, and another quarter should remain free. So there is an ancient yoga is not at odds with the modern Nutritionists: Due to the dinner table come out with a sense of light starvation.

And yoga to little food because he listens to the voice of hunger, but not appetite. After all, appetite and hunger — two big differences. Appetite seeking pleasure in eating and hunger — favor. LISTEN appetite — you will chew all day long. And you will wait hunger — have to fuss with smaller pots.

As for the enjoyment of food, the yoga itself it does not decline. After all, if really hungry, then a piece of bread and salt seem the most delicious food!

Myth number 4
They feed on schedule

No! Yoga in general do not do anything under duress. Comfortable you dine once a day? Please! Want to eat three to four times a day? So no one there did not forbid!

But there is one rule that, for yoga more important than the content of menus and diet. Food should be chewed thoroughly to make it thoroughly soaked with saliva! For even the most meticulous arithmetic is: thirty per swallowing chewing movements should be. Yogi even decent soup with such dynamics szhuet.

Myth number 5
Alcohol is banned

"Prohibition" Yoga does not stick. Use it and the wine and beer. But sometimes in moderation. And against other soft drinks — coffee, tea — yoga do not mind.

And nothing exotic in the power system of yogis not. All in accordance with common sense. Want to be healthy, happy and live in harmony with yourself and the environment? Then eat a little and diverse.

January 21, 2004

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