What monstrous lie, the more will believe it …

"The Federal Space Agency, Ex. 08.12.2010 № AV-402/24

"The business newspaper" Marker "- the Internet Edition
General Director of "News Media — Rus"
Aram Gabrelyanov

I ask that you promptly remove you from the portal owned online newspaper publication "Starting GLONASS was insured by the company, which is close to the leadership of Roscosmos" as untrue and to make the necessary in this case an apology.

This document qualifies as defamation (Article 129 of the Criminal Code).

Your article is written by the principle: the monstrous lie, the more will believe it. This is the principle of propaganda, which has been recently used in a number of black PR Russian editions.

For example, after reading your article about the co-founder of the company, insured the satellite "GLONASS" — the ordinary reader, with the title of your publication will suggest that the smoke there’s fire, which obviously it is a relative of the head of Roskosmos publication you and prescribe this topic. To prove the groundlessness of the names mentioned AN Perminov, sending you a copy of his passport odnofamilitsy to verify this fact, which is provided at our request management of the insurance company. I can confirm once again that even a distant relative of the 20th generation head of the Russian Federal Space Agency for citizen-namesake Perminov is not.

Moreover, apparently, for the credibility of your material contains information that the company is de-located at Roscosmos, on the street Shchepkina 42.

In fact, the Insurance Center "Sputnik", dealing with insurance risks in space (eg a few companies in the country), is in a different building, unconnected with the Russian Space Agency. In the same building, along with the Insurance Center "Sputnik" is one of the offices "Military-insurance company" is also engaged in the insurance space activities. No direct relation to these organizations do not have to Roscosmos. Also, in no way connected with your relatives Roscosmos mentioned officials who once worked or still work at the agency. Russian law does not establish a ban on the work of such categories of people in the organization.

In turn, we would like to ask, is it true that more recently, and some of your share of associated with you through publications owned by one of the senior officials who loves to engage sneer and other literary delights? If this is true, as it corresponds to the rank of civil servants?

Spokesman for the Russian Space Agency A.A.Vorobev

December 8, 2010.

We apologize namesake Roscosmos Elena Perminova Vasilevne the need to publish a piece of her passport and express her gratitude for agreeing to do this.

Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency

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