What professions are the most fat?

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Not so long ago it was thought that the extra weight —hallmark of cooks, cashiers, drivers and officials. Today, in the "thick" professions are dozens if not hundreds of items.


What professions contribute to weight gain and why? How to keep harmony on "harmful" work? This is what we talked toMariyat Mukhina, a medical acupuncturist, doctor of medical sciences, and the author more than 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Gold Eagle®.


— Mariyat which profession today are considered to be "fat"?

All professions that involve a sedentary lifestyle — "sedentary" work. If before they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but today can be counted on the fingers of those that suggest movement.

— And all the same?

"Thick" are considered a profession related to the processing of large volumes of information, which is inseparable from the work on the computer. Obesity is a threat to all office workers: programmers and editors, officials and managers (middle managers, senior managers and directors), lawyers and economists. Any intellectual work — this is the risk of obesity.

— If a person who "sit-down" work, and even gets to work by car, perhaps he was the first candidate for obesity?

That's right. A man leaves home, gets in the car, come to the office — it sits again, then on the car ride home. Physical activity is minimal, not to waste energy on that, and all of the calories eaten deposited as fat.

Earlier this way of life was typical only for a narrow range of occupations. For example, for truck drivers: according to statistics 70% of them are obese second degree, and those with a higher degree of obesity due to incompetence — eliminates the medical board. The fact that these people gain weight quickly, it is not surprising: they sit for hours without moving, psycho-emotional load is enormous, to relieve stress and maintain themselves in working order, they always have a snack — sandwiches, nuts, seeds, sweet. By the way, sunflower seeds — a very high-calorie product: 100 grams of seeds — this is a bar of chocolate. Have you ever thought about it?

— No.

But many eat sunflower seeds all the time, in between times, unconsciously picking up those extra pounds.

— Do you think there is some relationship between the risk of obesity and wages? Who is more prone to obesity: the rich or the poor?

If a person on a tight budget, then, of course, in his diet will be more cheap starchy foods — potatoes, pasta, bread, and foods with lots of fat and soy — sausages, sausages. People with high wages can afford a more expensive and more useful products. However, not everything depends on money. There are rich people who abuse fast food, and the poor who adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. A lot depends on how seriously people about their health.

— Today, with the development of the Internet there are many professions that do not necessarily every day to go to the office, and you can work from home — so called freelance. How could the risk of obesity?

You can draw an analogy between a freelancer and a homemaker. And in both cases, people are working from home — wasting energy trying to get to work and back, do not. If a housewife and cleans and washes, lunches, dinners cooking, and looking after the child — such a load, and it can not gain weight. And if she sits all day at the computer or TV, but also constantly snack (fridge is near!) — That extra pounds can not be avoided. The same thing happens to a person who performs work from home. If the load enough people will form, and if it is small, the risk of obesity increases.

— Mariyat, adygeislite please professional "hazard" that lead to obesity.

First, the "sit-down" work — it helps reduce calorie consumption. Second, the stress that we are used to drown out the food. Third — excessive consumption of food, directly connected with the performance of their professional duties. The first and second today is typical of most professions, and the third, as the cost of the profession, only for two: Chef and food critic.

Doctors are sounding the alarm — obesity epidemic is beginning to acquire. It comes to the point of absurdity: in 2003, a petition was sent to the Vatican on how to remove from the list of deadly sins of gluttony. However, it rejected.

— There must be a professionaand contributing to weight loss?

Of course they are! These professions include: athlete, fashion model, fashion model, a doctor — a small percentage of medical obesity, especially among the operating surgeons and nurses. It is also difficult to recover in the service sector — for example, consultants in stores. And do not forget about the people who are engaged in manual labor: builders, painters, mechanics, janitors, porters, etc.

—  I doubt that anyone would want for combat obesity retraining of managers in the painters …

Then one way out — to learn how to control your weight. First of all, I recommend you purchase a bathroom scale and weighed once a week in order to objectively assess the situation, and once a year to do impedance.

— What's this?

The study, which allows you to determine the ratio of fat and muscle mass. It is very important to develop an individual program to combat obesity. If the normal amount of body fat, but not muscle mass, and there are no contraindications for exercise — then have to work out, switch to the intellectual work on muscular sensations. Do not forget that during exercise releases massive amounts of pleasure hormones — endorphins that help fight stress.

— And if the muscle mass is normal, but there is an excess of fat, what to do?

The question is, how big is this excess. If a person has 4-5 extra pounds, it makes sense to change the diet: stop abusing fat and sweet, choose the "slow" carbohydrates — fruits and vegetables.

— Well, if the excess weight is more than 15-20 pounds?

In this case, do not engage in independent action — seek professional help. Obesity is an illness — which means — self unacceptable.

— What methods are used in the treatment of obesityClinic ORIGITEYA ®?

I am the author and developerGolden Needle ® methodologies(And our clinic ORIGITEYA ® — the only of its holders in Russia, CIS and other countries), which is recommended by the Ministry of Health for the treatment of obesity. At its core — iglorefleksoterapicheskoe impact, so procedure is physiological and has no side effects. In addition, when working with patients in chronic stress, we use our authorprogram "Anti-stress", which normalizes the autonomic nervous system and helps to enhance synthesis of endorphins in organism.

Source:Clinic ORIGITEYA ®


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