What Russia is different from Nigeria

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The oppositionist Tech-Nomad posted at classic Russophobe plate over Russia and Nigeria. Like, look how these two backward countries like: the population of 140 million souls, and in general almost the same situation.

To begin, a few words about what Russia really is different from Nigeria.

Russia is now one of the few remaining powers in the world, capable of conducting an independent policy. In fact, if we look at a truly independent country, the list is very short: the U.S., Russia, China … and, perhaps, everything. Japan — a puppet of the United States. Germany, though very powerful economically, still does not have nuclear weapons, as the U.S. it is not allowed. In England and France, heads of state almost openly coordinate their actions in the White House, and in England, until the pile, and even the external debt of 400% of GDP …

You know, went from the term "Third World"?

During the Cold War, was the first world — NATO countries led by America, and was the second world — Warsaw Pact countries led by the Soviet Union. Third World countries were considered relatively neutral, have not joined yet to any of the warring camps. By the third world attitude then, for example, China.

In the nineties, the situation in the world has changed. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, our country has gone into a deep knock-down, and States were on time without counterweight. The Americans then guided the democratic principle of "who is not with us is for us", and all the rest of the country were forced to build its policy in the first place, with an eye on the United States. Looked something like the balance at the end of the nineties:

1. USA
2. Vassals of the United States: England, Japan, France, Germany …
3. Sideshow USA: Georgia, Poland …
4. States oppressed countries: Russia, Pakistan …
5. Independent of the United States of the country: China
6. Candidates for the exemplary chastisement: Syria, Iran ….
7. Flogged and gutted the country: Iraq, Yugoslavia …

Of course, this scheme is simplified, but even out of it can be seen that a truly independent countries in the world at that time was exactly two — the U.S. and China. The countries of the third world countries were called out four categories: weak and sick of the country, access to resources which are controlled by America and its allies.

Then, indeed, this category can be attributed safely and Russia. Since our liberals almost on his knees crawling to the IMF, begging to give them another dose immediately devours money, and our oil free pumps out abroad under the guise of "well fluid."

What has changed in the two-thousand years?

First of all — Putin took power from failing hands of Boris Yeltsin and gradually began to pursue an independent policy. He succeeded largely because Russia on a scale fits well with only two categories: the "friends" of the U.S., along with Germany / Japan, or in independent countries, along with China. However, the vacancies in the list of vassals of America did not exist, and despite not passed before the end of the charm Stimorol and Coca-Cola, we had to become an independent country.

Why do we have managed to do this?

Roughly speaking, because the Soviet advance in the infamous Nineties protratit finally failed. Since the same Yeltsin, unlike Gorbachev, the traitor was not in the best of their weak forces trying to bring Russia into some sort of order. We have kept, for example, our nuclear arsenal, which now can be a matter of hours to wipe America off the face of the earth.

In addition, even though our economy is strong and slipped in the nineties, but it was not destroyed. Much of the infrastructure remains, war and chaos have been avoided. Therefore, at the first opportunity the country lifted her head and began to recover.

Now, in 2012, Russia called "third world country" can only fool or a Russophobe. If we approach the issue formally, then Russia is not an arena of conflicting interests of other powers, and an independent player. If you look in fact, that Russia, for example, now has a full geopositioning satellite constellation. Apart from us the same boast States only. China and Europe have yet to own satellite system is not mature enough.

This alone shows the depth of the abyss, not only between Russia and Nigeria, but also, for example, between Russia and Finland or Russia and Canada. Bear — even after a long illness — is still much bigger and stronger than any taxes, no matter how many years it neither fattened.

We turn now to the figures crafty Nomad. Dissect Russophobe sign for items:


1. Population. And in Russia and Nigeria — some 140 million people. I agree.

2. The Gini coefficient, showing stratification between rich and poor. In Russia — 40. In Nigeria — 44.

It knocked a comparison scale. Let’s take a look at the other countries. Singapore — 43. Tajikistan — 32. Ukraine — 28. Kyrgyzstan — 30. United States — 41. Uzbekistan — 37.

As we see, Russia — just average, it is comparable to the rest of the developed countries. But in Nigeria indicator is very, very bad, in other African countries where the situation is as worse. In Namibia, for example, this index is a terrifying 74.

Of course, it would be cool if we had a smaller bundle … but, alas, for a country with a growing economy and a rapidly changing stratification is inevitable. Fee for low stratification — stop economic growth in Europe. We have to pay the price for leveling are not ready.

3. The level of corruption, Russia — 143 in the world, Nigeria — 147 in the world.

What can I say? Transparency International dully fulfills team drench Russia. More I wrote about it here:


Believe this rating, to put it mildly, is not necessary. Suffice it to say that liberated Egypt — where extort bribes even in public toilets — is in this ranking above Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

That is, the corruption in our country, of course, there is. But the size of her very much exaggerated. And even unto every level of our less corruption than in the constant object FAP liberals — Georgia. That Georgia itself, which cynics of Transparency International placed in a corruption rating above Italy.

To quote a piece of commentary one independent lawyer who scolds both Russian and Georgian orders. In general, I recommend taking a few minutes and read the text of the link as a whole. This is a real bomb sobering:


To understand the meaning of … "broom in the ass", it is necessary to know the Georgian penal system with its institute "procedural agreement" that as a result of this remarkable "reform" institute attorney was rudimentary, and the court has turned essentially into a shop on the freedom of trade. Is not it strange why the warden kept safe film, which was in fact a bomb. Certainly not for salon show in private jailers perverts. And it shows that there is no sexual sadism, as a regular, routine manufacturing practices, and the film — an instrument of production, and therefore was in the safe, to be always at hand as the last argument, as the skeleton key for particularly stubborn ass "responsible taxpayers." By the way dear Julia L. aware of what is popularly c
alled the Gldani prison "business incubator"?

Of course, Saakashvili’s team will not give up in talent and creativity. They just perfectly mastered the latest technologies and put them into his service. In Georgia, the ideal computerized system of accounting almost everything — from real estate, and ending with the kinship and personal ties to any individual. Therefore, when a regular "responsible taxpayer" shake out the money he say about following items: We know that you personally do not have the required amount, but you can take so much from his friend N., and so much you can send a cousin, who lives in Frankfurt, etc. and many will vykobenivatsya we know what kindergarten is your son goes and what dance group goes your daughter, and to what village your grandfather’s sister lives.

Businessman was summoned to the Ministry of Finance, in front of the "procedural" conducted a search with a humiliating withdrawal of phones and other items being able to serve as recording equipment. Do not believe me, dear Julia L.? I can arrange a meeting with victims. This ordinance was repeated from time to time, the occasion: the presidential elections, parliamentary elections, local elections, and it happened with or without cause. "Kvekanas uchirs" (the state needs) was a universal formulation, and under this formulation gave the man the money, and of course, because he is a patriot, and a strange sense of ambivalence, a sense of spitting mixed with a sense of duty to his country.

4. Contamination of the environment as a result of gas flaring, Russia — first in the world, Nigeria — the second.

I do not want to spend time clarifying figures believe compilers plates on the floor. I note two things at the same time.

In general, the environment makes Russia a lot. We started to clean now, not only for themselves but also for the Soviet Union. For example, launched a campaign to clean debris from the Arctic:


However, by torchlight gas, yes, we probably not up to par. The analogy. Suppose there is a school class gouging. Sidorov throws a piece of paper on the floor, Petrov puts the butt in a chair, Ivanov cuts on the desk obscene word. Here in the class Romanov comes with bulky textbook in hand and accidentally hits lacquered cabinets, leaving him scratching on the door.

Local composer ratings immediately writes: Romanov — first in a class by scratching pollution allowances lacquered doors.

Well, yes, the first place. Okay. But the real fact-pig — not Romanov. A pig — is, for example, the Shell Corporation, which arranged in Africa, a small branch of hell for the local nature and the unfortunate natives. Or corporation British Petroleum, which by greed and carelessness recently drowned platform in the Gulf of Mexico, passing by pouring oil into the Gulf of hundreds.

And the second note. Burn the flare gas is not just. Do anything else with it technologically very difficult, even though this problem is solved, but still nowhere near solved. I’m afraid to go into the technological details — I can make a mistake and lie. However, if I have oil in the comments, I hope they will be able to give a more detailed comment.

5. The main suppliers of liquefied natural gas by 2030, Russia — the first place, Nigeria — second place.

Here the important point. We consistently hammered into the consciousness of thought should be ashamed of their natural resources. In Soviet times, we were proud of our geologists, which open for us the nature of storage, it is now customary to pretend princess shitting violets and democratic Europe is heated by solar panels and wind turbines.

Like, look at the rocky Israel, the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East. There is no natural resources, but drat: somehow manage to exist. And you, boobies, oil extracted … and do not you ashamed?

Imagine you have inherited from your parents a big apartment. And for you to come to visit his uncle smiling sleek and begin to teach life. Say, you’re hooked on "Housing needle", and as long as you have your own apartment, you’ll never be able to work normally, but Klopoedova in 16 years kicked out of the house, he went to work, and now promoted to chief henchman in peacekeeping-punitive detachment. Like, come on, we got it with the apartments will remove curse: here notary around the corner, come with us, friend Vanya. We, the Democrats, do not lie to each other …

6. The growth rate of foreign exchange reserves in 2006, Russia — first in the world, Nigeria — the second largest in the world.

I note two things. First — it is left indicator. Why the growth rate, but not the absolute size? Why 2006? And if we have to Nigeria on July 22, the same number of degrees the average temperature has risen by country — is also going to tuck the table?

If the authors want to compare the labels, even compared to normal. Do not let them take a year, and ten years, let alone do not indicate the growth rate, but the absolute size. This is the bare minimum when it will be possible to say something. And then, maybe, Nigeria’s foreign exchange reserves were one hundred dollars and up to one hundred and seventy …

The second remark. What is wrong is that we are saving up money? Here’s what’s wrong in debt I understand perfectly: the experienced their skin in the nineties. Especially in 1998, when Russia defaulted and the "lucky" to disentangle the effects of later years. And in the accumulation of money, I can see only the good.

If Nigeria also saves money — what, well done negros. Have taken the right course, keep it up.

7. The average life expectancy of men. Russia — 58 years, Nigeria — ’52.

Here lies one hidden and one distortion. The lie is that the average life expectancy of men in Russia — ’64:


Distortion is that the beauty of the drafters of tablets taken just men. While the average life expectancy of women in Russia … 76 years. This gap between women and men is not typical for our planet — in Nigeria there is no such gap.

Therefore, if the drafters of the tablets compared honest — the average life expectancy — they turned to Russia for 70 years and 52 years for Nigeria. It is not so strange to see, right?

By the way, one of the reasons for the relatively low life expectancy in Russia is zhopogolizm leading to alcoholism, heart disease and so on:


Spread the same zhopogolizm just compilers such tablets.

8. The number of citizens who are confident in the superiority of democracy, Russia — 47%, Nigeria — 44%.

I do not see any crime here, even if it’s true. Most choose Mavrodi, Gennady Malakhov and Ksenia Sobchak. I do not think this is the best choice.

No, I agree that elements of democracy are sometimes useful. Feedback, civil society, social control … it is all important and necessary. However, real-world experience shows that even in the election superintendent usually wins not the best candidate, and the one who best knows how to collect votes.

Again, look at America. They have a two-headed party for 150 years, usurped power in the country. And nothing: not bad live. The most powerful country in the world, at least in the case.

9. The level of protection of property rights, Russia — 63 place, Nigeria — 64th.

Again some nepolzhivy rating, which was compiled in Washington. Why Russia has taken place in this ranking sixth in the top ten — is understandable.

Because in the nineties Russia openly robbed, first exporting oil from there in exchange for bribes and loans,
and then stealing the loans themselves.

After Khodorkovsky, Browder and other plunderers of socialist property was given on the hands, the latter was taken ill. Hence the low spots in the rankings.

Imagine you’re ten years old seriously ill. During this time, your next door neighbor surreptitiously began to take one of the rooms of your apartment to his nephew, and used the money to buy you time to time, "the bounty" on the loaf of white bread and a bottle of yogurt.

You got better neighbor and resisting his nephew kicked out of the apartment kicks ass, changed the lock.

A neighbor began to squeal, "It was my own, I honestly paying for it with yogurt and biscuits, return as it was." Well, it’s ridiculous?

10. Position in the ranking of the most dangerous places for recreation, Russia — fourth place, Nigeria — the fifth place.

Again sucked out of the ceiling rating. We took a random ten countries from the bulldozer were placed in order, if not in alphabetical order. And voila — the rating is ready.

Such ratings in the banners to any entertainment site — for twenty new for the day. "The ten most dangerous products." "Ten phrases that make a man impotent." "Ten gestures, provoking a fight."

Disassemble similar yellowness not see any sense.

11. The number of people who are confident that stability is more important than freedom of speech, Russia — 47%, Nigeria — 43%.

Here as much as three points. First, comparison of several stiffly. What is more important: your hands or feet? Obviously the same as the tail … but it is not listed.

The second point in Russia is now the absolute freedom of speech. It is constantly put in the West for threats on Twitter or on Facebook appeals, not to mention for questioning the Holocaust. In Russia, you can write almost anything. Problems feasible only if specifically maliciously and intentionally break the law. Actually, the problem is reversed: the freedom of speech in Russia has turned into chaos word. It would be nice to some speakers to wash mouth out with soap by force.

The third time, I’ve personally found it difficult to choose between stability and freedom of speech. Because instability — is a guaranteed ass. In the nineties had eaten to satiety, no more. But the presence of taboo topics — it’s certainly not good … but it is not such a disaster as instability.

In Europe, for example, no matter where you spit, would undermine any ban. Easier to remain silent. And nothing — somehow live without buzz.

12. Place in the ranking of press freedom, Russia — 144th, Nigeria — 131 seats.

There is not even funny comment. Show me the information hush on Echo of Moscow or in the rain. Nazism and other direct violation of the law shall not be considered.

What? There is no such? You can say whatever you want, but without the swear words? You can even criticize Putin and other government officials? So why, then, 144th?

We look at the funding of the rating, "Reportertov without borders":


According to the financial statements of the organization, its annual budget is € 4,000,000, most of which is obtained from the sale of albums, as well as add-ons such as the sale of T-shirts, etc.

Do you believe this shit? Personally, I would rather believe that Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden was nothing. Fund such an organization through sales of T-shirts is quite impossible: it’s fantastic.

T-shirts — a traditional camouflage cover for sponsorship money. Recently, for example, on this fall FEMEN: To introduce to them the journalist found out that no money from t-shirts to them is not received:


In general, there are pluses in all of these false ratings. Their absurdity so obvious that even staunch russophobes begin to doubt — well, not sober people believe that corruption in Georgia is less than in Italy.

13. The death rate, Russia — 16/1000, Nigeria — 16/1000.

The high mortality rate means that in Russia relative to a lot of older people. In Nigeria, the situation is different: there is simply low life, and die there so often.

And here in the United Arab Emirates, for example, extremely young population, so the death rate there is only 0.2 percent a year.

There is, by the way, an easy way to reduce the mortality rate in the country: to open the road to migrant workers. Perhaps the drafters of tablets advocate this way?

14. Level Migration, Russia — 0.28 per thousand, Nigeria — 0.26 per thousand.

The myth of migration I have deciphered. In Russia now going much more than go out of it. In this case, migration to foreign countries — U.S., Canada, and so on — have almost stopped.

The liberal media, however, beginning with "Novaya Gazeta", continue to lie to us, as if fleeing from the Russian by all and sundry. Funny Fail opposition occurred a year ago:


Stepashin said then in an interview to "Echo of Moscow", which since 1917 has left Russia about 1’250 thousand people.

The liberal media have reported the same as if Stepashin said this a million and a quarter went not for a century, and over the past three years. I quote, "Novaya Gazeta":

About the unprecedented flight from Russia at the end of zero for the first time a senior official spoke. Chairman of the Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin in January announced figure — in 2008 left the country of 1.25 million people are economically active population.

And nothing, but that’s just write word Stepashin was left on Echo of Moscow. Therefore, anyone can follow the two links and ensure that the "Novaya Gazeta" shamelessly lying:


We had a powerful wave of emigration after the breakup of the Soviet Union. The Jews went to Israel, the Germans — in Germany. Many went just like that, for long dollar. I recall that in the early nineties infamous fifty dollars a month is a good salary in Russia. Then, and in fact had a financial sense to leave.

Now go to foreign countries 13,000 people a year. And even if you include paranoia and declare that our statistics operates understated figures, more than double that figure by no means to inflate. For the 140 million Russian is the background values. In the United States the same people with an awl in the ass as a percentage of how much more.

15. The unemployment rate, Russia — 6.6%, Nigeria — 5.8%.

I do not quite understand what is there to celebrate the composition of Table russophobes. Yes, the unemployment rate in Russia is now near zero: willing to work one finds such in the first day of searching.

Just yesterday I bought a brew in one of the networks of our restaurants, saw the ad — we need cooks, cashiers, salary 25 to 35 thousand rubles. At the same time I know that the age limit is not there, and that experience is not required.

Of course, being a cook — not to touch a piece of paper in the office, and there can be burned … but then again, who wants to work in Russia, finds a job immediately.

But abroad to work, dare I say it, a real asshole. Today’s news: the Spaniards, is already massively flee to Argentina and Mexico:


In Latin America, little pay, there is a large inflation … but there’s at least have a job.

16. Place in the ranking of "ease of doing business",
Russia — 106th place, Nigeria — 108th place.

This crap I’ve deciphered here:


In short, imagine two small businessmen. — One in Russia, the second in Elflyandii.

Businessman in Russia is forced to spend on the opening of the company, say, two days, and five hundred dollars. In Elflyandii — 15 minutes and 10 euros. Russia — 1 point, Elflyandii — 5 points.

Businessman in Russia spends on the design of accounting records four hours per month for each employee. In Elflyandii — for four minutes. Russia — 1 point, Elflyandii — 5 points.

Businessman in Russia begins to make a profit from the first month, customers rod shoals. Businessman in Elflyandii experiencing such strong competition that should be happy if you come to zero in the first five years. Russia — 5 points, Elflyandii — 1 point.

We summarize the points. Russia — 7 points. Elflyandiya — 11 points. Hooray, it’s easier to do business in Elflyandii all go there!

Funny? I have not said the most important thing. In actual rankings for the third parameter — the level of competition and the availability of buyers — the country does not compare at all. Armchair rats, chase figures in the tables, it does not even come to mind. They feel like the most important thing — it’s a piece of paper, and the money will appear, from the air of freedom.

17. The level of economic freedom, Russia — 120th place, Nigeria — 131 th place.

I quote from Wikipedia. "Heritedzh Foundation — Strategic Research Institute of the United States, which is engaged in a wide range of studies in international politics."

That is, the political structure of our ideological, economic, and so on enemy puts Russia in its ranking by one last place. Okay.

Interesting, by the way, can look at the method of calculation of the rankings and make sure that it refers to the reality of a little less than nothing:


In brief, the first of each country are placed on the noodle (or In accordance with instructions from above) figures on corruption, trade freedom, fiscal freedom, and so on. Then the blank figures are added and voila — we have a "serious investigation".

The analogy. When interviewed one hundred pigs — what the most delicious oranges — we have the answers, which can be reduced to some beautiful table. However, pigs are not versed in oranges, that’s the problem. Therefore, tables can draw the hell out if the original data are nonsense, the premise of this nonsense in the table do not fix it. Brad delusions, and will remain so.

18. Place in the global ranking of peace, Russia — 118th, Nigeria — 117th place.

This is a really icing on the cake of lies and manipulation. I want to just go and rukopozhat.

Razdrakonila America in recent years, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan has a bunch of small oil-rich countries. Somewhere she sponsored a revolution somewhere stupidly bossed bombers.

At the same time it actively helped both NATO members and those wishing to become members.

But no — the main aggressor here, it turns out, it’s Russia. That distinguished itself over the last ten years, only the fact that gently and in proportion to punish Georgia for the murder of his soldiers …

Summed up

The average salary in Nigeria — fifty dollars a month. Not bad for Africa, but to Russia, where the average salary is now about $ 750 a month, Nigeria will grow forever.

On the other hand, we remember well that the residents of Russia lowered to the level of poverty in Nigeria — it is literally a few years. To do this, just something one needs only pro-American president who will listen to American experts and carried out under the guidance of their democratic reforms.

PS. Please help me spread this post links to it and the census. Otherwise, in my experience, in the memory of the people will only jaundiced compare Russia and Nigeria — about the same analysis of normal and no one will remember. 

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